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Call of Duty 4 has resulted in me not playing video games...

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I don't know if this is bad (once you say that the answer is probably yes)...

I've been playing COD4 on my PS3 for a while .... I've probably racked up over 100 hours so far. The sad thing is, is that all I do now is play COD4 and the occasional NHL08 game. I don't play any other games.

I have Super Mario Galaxy and I only got like 10 stars in it. I haven't beating Kingdom Hearts... I have KH II ... FFXII ... and a bunch of other games I want to play (FF Tactics, Patapon next week).

Smash is coming out soon, I want to beat SMG as well.

The problem is that COD4 is just soo incredibly fun. I'm not really an FPS player but OMG the game is sooooo goood!

:( ... this sucks :(..... :D

I got a PSP ... + more

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Last blog post Gary_Jinfield commented:

Nooooooooooooooooooo... Your descent into the darkness that is Sony is becoming absolute nuck.

Well, I have bad news!! I bought a PSP :P... and Uncharted ...

First off, Uncharted is an incredible game. It feels like a movie and the graphics are just sick.

The PSP is awesome since it has WiFi built in and I can check my email and stuff during c-l-a-s-s (why is that word inapropriate :?)... really sweet. I bought locoroco but it hasn't come in yet. I probably will be using it mostly for video and web browsing.

I also hooked it up with remote play to my PS3. Rented Lair and it's awesome ... I can play it from anywhere ... bored in **** I'll just play Lair =D ...

Yeah, so I totally feel wrong ... I mean I was so anti PSP it wasn't even funny... but I'm glad I have one now :)

Also, things aren't as bad as it seems. I also got Galaxy but unfortunately my nunchuk isn't around so I can't play it until next Monday :cry:


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Just Incredible... the game is so good.

I need to join a clan or make one... If you play it, add me... "nuck44"

Things and Stuff

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I have resigned as the Leader of the Legend of Zelda Union. You can read more about it here.

I've become really busy in my "real" life and don't have enough time to take care of things as I have the past 2 years. I don't even have time for playing games unfortunately :(. I do play when I can... it's mostly PS3 ... SuperStardust HD, Calling all Cars, the GRAW 2 Demo (which is gonna be awesome!).

I find that a shift has occured in my viewpoint. I still like Nintendo but I used to be a massive "sheep." I've become dissapointed with the Wii because frankly the graphics suck and very complex games just can't happen. Truthfully, even Twilight Princess was overall dissapointing for me :(. The whole time I was thinking what the game COULD HAVE been if it wasn't on Wii.

I'm also afraid that with the amazing sales of the Wii (almost surpassing the 360 ALREADY) developers will make cheaper games for Wii that will sell more and overall the state of video games will decline. I think personally the Wii will end up being my multiplayer system where I can play Smash Bros and some fun games with others. But when I want to get down and get an awesome experience it'll have to be the PS3.

Here are the games I'm looking forward to:

Strikers (maybe....)

Home (I'm really interested in it)

You can see which list is longer :P

My PS3 Screename is "nuck44" so add me and we'll do something or other...

Everyone have an awesome life and see you around :)


nuck's Ultimate Rant Part 1

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Provoked, nuck begins his series of 3 rants … the first seen below, the next two following in the coming days …

A lot of people in my previous blog post about the PS3 “Home” commented about how it is a “rip-off” compared to the Nintendo Wii’s Mii system. The issue I have with this opinion is that it’s not fully accurate, and that it’s “fanboy” talk. I often see companies announcing a new feature and the comments I read are that it’s “stooopit” “Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft is t3h d00mmered1111!1!” … Sony released “Home” the XBOX fans shout that Sony copied XBOX Live, Nintendo fans say they copied the Mii system.

These types of opinions don’t help anyone!

The truth? They copied both, AND did things no one else had done before. I’ve never seen anything like “Home” and I don’t care who or what Sony copied to get this done. As a consumer/PS3 owner I only care about the features I get. I was in the “fanboy” camp before. I remember at E3 when Sony revealed that their controller was motion sensing. I was outraged! I called my friend to vent! I couldn’t believe Sony could have done this. I was horrified, I shouted that Sony copied Nintendo. I was hoping Sony would get sued or something! Now? I’m really glad it’s there! I enjoy the motion sensing capabilities and it makes a lot of sense to use it. Playing the Motorstorm demo using the Sixaxis tilt control riding a bike feels really good actually!

People copy each other all the time. Guess what? When Ford made the model T they copied the horse cart manufacturers and gave the car 4 wheels and doors. Every single industry copies those within their own industry and outside of their own industry.

This is how progress is made! If no one copied each other, then there would not be any progress! Innovation without anyone following up is dead and pointless.

Stay tuned for the next one premiering tomorrow or this weekend.

It’s a 3 part rant … I’ve got the first two already ranted but I figured 1000 words is too much for a GameSpot post … Now I’m going to go play Phoenix Wright :D

PS3 Home ... AWESOME!

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I can't wait for the PS3 Home thing!

I'm so glad I got a PS3. I've been watching so many Blu-Ray movies :D and Motorstorm just came out!

I took some pictures of Gran Turismo HD on my TV ... let's just say it's jawdropping ... looks like real life almost!

And now, Home. I'm so excited for this! I can't wait to get my own apartment and decorate it with a whole bunch of Canucks things :P

Oh man! YES!

It's sad ... I think I'm looking forward to the PS3 future more than the Wii ... :cry: ... Nintendo will disown me ... I don't know ... Wii or PS3 ... they're both really good for different reasons! PS3 ulitmate high-tech entertainment device, Wii ultimate creative fun device ... PSWii for the win! :P

Anyway, if any of you guys have a PS3 add me as your friend!

My screen name is nuck44.
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Wii Number and Mii

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So I'm really enjoying my Wii. Perhaps a little too much :? ... Any way, if anyone wants to friend me my Wii number is:

0235 9806 8339 9031

Oh, and check out my Mii :P

If you want to be friends, drop me your number :P

For info on how to find your number, add friends go here

A Revolution Beckons

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I just picked up Wii and Zelda!

That's right, I'm one of the few and one of the first :D ... under 45 minutes after it launches :D

Together at Last...

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Mmm... sweet, sweet Wii component cables...

But, uh, they don't fit in my GameCube.

(If someone gets that, let me know :P)

Wow, Zelda "flopped". I posted a rant in our board ... :?

It's still the greatest game ever made ... look at the other reviews :)

My Wii component cables arrived today. I just have to wait for the console to arrive now...

Hockey Season Starts Tonight!

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The most exciting sport in the world starts tonight!

I'm so excited! Last season was amazing! The new rules really made the game more exciting and even faster (didn't really think it could get faster :P)

Tonight the Buffallo Sabres take on the Carolina Hurricanes who won the cup last year (7 PM EST on Versus (used to be OLN)) and the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Ottawa Senators on TSN (in Canada) at 7:30. Then the Dallas Stars take on the Colorado Avalanche at 10 pm on Versus as well. Then tomorrow the other teams start action! Go Canucks!

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