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8 bit treasure hunting

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Found a copy of Final Fantasy for the nes at a thrift store for 2 bucks. It is in great shape, except for a crack in the case. I was heistant to buy it, becuase I figured any force strong enough to break the case would surely crack the board inside. But I was wrong.

Reminds me of the time I found Final Fantasy II for snes for 3.99. You always take a chance on these old cartridge games, whether they'll work or not. Surprisingly, the ones I buy that are D.O.A, are the ones I find in specialty video game stores. Of all the places where they could test them first, you'd wonder why they would sell a game witout testing it. You usually pay less at a thrift store because everything is "as-is". But that's been changing.

Now, half the thrift stores are jacking up their prices. It's like they're spending time surfing eBay while they're deciding how to price stuff. Just today I saw a case full of old PC games, each no less than 20 dollars each. A few years ago, you could always get these games for just a few bucks.