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Dragons Dogma (What do you all think)

I'm posting today to findout what you all think of Dragons Dogma. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner or It could use some work. Let me know. My opinion is Capcom did a great RPG engine with the game and characters also. The Graphics are decent as well and the Pawns i think are pretty cool. Thumbs up Capcom. I have really just started my quest but so far it has my attention and has keep me entertained. What is your take on it let me know thanks.


My take on WWE Legends of Westle Maina

I haven't really bought much wrestleing games in the past for any systems i own, but for some reason this title stuck me. I picked up my reserve copy recently for the game and I must say it's a pretty fun and entertaining game. I gre up iliking the 80's and 90's westlers like Hulk Hogan etc. The graphics I would say are a 7-8 for the game. The game play is fun and gives you prompts as to when to push a button to make the move work. You can pick from over 40 classic westlers I think and you can also play the many Westlemaina arena's and classic iconic fights. There are differnts modes you can do and if you have a character on Raw you can upload that person also. I was entertained by the game and played it for about 3.5 hrs good times and got some achivements as well. the achivements seem moderate to get.

Things needed to impove on: I'm gonna have to say on this that it should have been more open world. Examples are like chasing your opponent backstage or in the audience area etc. Other than that the game is enteratining and I would rate it around a 7-8. If you all have any feedback you would like to give me or comment on my blog I look fwd to hearing it. Thanks.

Lost and the Dammed what do you Gamespotters think so Far? Good- Bad

Just want to get a heads up of what everyone who come's to my profile thanks. So how about that Lost and the Dammed. I was pretty impressed with it the twist is pretty cool and the graphics are great. Rockstar did a good good at creating the expansion for it. Also love the classic rock songs and Bob Jovi''s Dead or Alive good touch :-). Now some disadvantages I saw are The GTA IV Liberty City open world should have more building that open like their verson of Grand Central Station, and the Get A Life Building and the Empire State Building. It owuld be cool to ride the train to and from the Grand Centeral Station etc. Other than that great game I would give it about a 8.5 to a 9. What do you guys think. Let me know mess me here or send me a mess on 360. Thanks.