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Whingers. Gamers. There is supposed to be a difference between the two however I can't find any. Every video game preview I see there are a large number of people complaining in the comments.
"they didn't take my not very well thought out, generic idea and base their entire game around it", "My idea may be impossible with the budget and technology of today but it should still be in this game" and my personal favourite, "I have played these games since the beginning, I have loved every game since the first one which makes me an expert and no longer trust this developer to make something I will like".
The worst part about the complaining is when the game comes out, these people love it and they usually forget how much they had to criticize before it was out. Here is a rule we should all think about next time we are about to criticize a game that hasn't been released... Wait until it is released before you say you love it or hate it, wether it is bad or not.

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My first blog... not going to be interesting but i thought i better give it a go
My name is Michael, I go by the name not_to_bad, i do realise it should be too
I chose it because i am not too bad at games :D thats it for now as it is 3am and i need to work tomorrow :D