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Where the hell I was?

Coming Curse
  • First, for three weeks I went on peaceful place at the Baltic Sea and I were swimming, sunbathing and playing on beach for this time. Weather was quite nice and now is damn hot... and rainy also. But here, now in my house I can't bother about activities.
  • Surfing around the devianART where for example I found this beauty picture called 'Coming Curse' and I decided to put it as intro to my today's blog. I think you will like it. Also I were regurally visit YouTube and my account on this. If you don't mind I gave an link to it - there you will find some really interesting videos as mine personal favourites - lately I died with laught while watching Metal Gear Solid YouTube Poop - watch this, really.
  • World in Conflict - beating the pure awesome campaign and try some skirmish matches withbots. Still, I dont want to go online. The game simply is kickin ass from graphisc and physics tounits. Every missions is great challange. For me, I made it to get every single award on every mission - that was damn hard. And I love the scene when the Tactical Nuclear Bomb is dropped on enemy positions. Damn awesome.
  • The Movies + Stunts and Effects - I've been playing in this game for nice several hours and I must say - it's maybe a boring game but simply when you sit to play you forget the whole word and hours are counting. I'm waiting when my campaign and Sandbox mode timeline will get to year 2000 so maybe then I will try to make my own really awesome script, but not for now. Now, in campaign I making a really stars and trying to achieve every camp Achievment - now Im on Movie Mogul (this 5-star actor rating is killing me).
  • Loki - I also played some hours in this Diablo II-****hack and slash game. I've already made throught the Nordic world and now my hero (with all equipment is awesome) make to Greek world to find and destroy Seth and his army. Graphics are nice, fighting is good but the game must be played for max. 2-3 hours 'cos it's getting boring.
  • MGS4: Guns of the Patriots - one of greatest if not greatest game of all history and now best game on PS. I played it, I completed it on Easy and I saw some really awesome extras when beating game for e.g on Big Boss Extreme. Game is awesome - beginning is great, later parts of the game also. Simply, if you have PS3, you MUST HAVE that game, go to shop and buy it, NOW : )
  • GTAIV - I also been playing a lot of hours in this really great game. I have really big chances to get a special achievment on X360 (friends, not mine) for beating main story mode under the 30 hours. I have one, last mission and about 45 minutes to 30 hours. Of course I can make it but first I need to complete that damn mission - I tryed three times already and failed every time. Anyway, game still rocks and Im waiting for PC release. It will be great day.

'Game On' ep. 34 | Prepare for Ragnarok!

Viking: Battle for Asgard for Xbox 360 - Viking: Battle for Asgard Xbox360 Game - Viking: Battle for Asgard Xbox 360 Video Game

Image 62


So now I present Viking: Battle for Asgard game which is truly great and enjoyable. I've played this title for few nice hours and my impressions are pretty rich. What is this about? I'll explain. There is a bad god called Hel, which is women who wants a vengeance. She want to destroy all Midgard with her Legion... so she want to take the world on her own but our great Viking hero, called Skarin, become a mortal Champion of Freya and his target is that Hel. On the way, he will kill a thousands of enemy troops, saving Vikings, destroy or find something and recapture every city on three islands to defeat Hel. Oh, he will make a RAGNAROK! So that's the story. About audio-video, this is truly next-gen game. Graphic is really great and detailed, the weather is also nice made. About techical side of game, better check videos and pic's from game. Or the best - play game bu yourself. So now proceed to...

Gameplay. #@^#!@#! AWESOME! First island. Begin. Making contacts, speaking with other Vikings, doing first assigments which is clear ruins and save Vikings. The open fight would end in death (no problem, you will respawn in main camp) so I flank the Legion warriors and use a moment to free my Viking brothers and after that we make a carnage with Legion troops. Awesome. And after that we making another fights with Legion to save, kill and grab. First good skirmish with hundreads of troops! Charging with them to skirmish - it was a Gorge battle - was one of gratest fellings in game, of course, in later time, the battles are bigger and better with thousands (!!!) of troops. It would be perfect if it'll be a text like - "Madness? THIS IS RAGNAROK!". But there are also stealth missions for e.g getting regenerated our Dragon Amulet in heart of Legion bastion. So we need to make it silent but the satisfaction when I in next hours assault the bastion with thousands of troops and slaughtering everything in my way. Battle's are awesome. And that to second and third island and battles are OUTTRAGEOUS and GIANT. So for now, thar's all my impressions... Peace.


So now I were on third and last islands and game is REALLY TOUGHT. Before taking the Thornvik I have cleared three places and crashed a lot of Legions skulls. Clearning Quarry, that was pretty easy job but fight with Legion Champion was hard. That sucker was damn hard. After that I cleared two other places and mastered all the moves at Battle Arena. After that, when preparations were done, squad of Viking's warriors ambushed Mega Patrol (sic!) - I think there were around 500 Legion troops but fight with so many allies was easy and ended within few minutes. So that Mega Patrol was defeated the next target was Thornvik itself. First of all, I saved few Viking brothers in small camps and then infiltrate city to get a prison cave key from traitor. Fight with him was easy but same infiltration - NOT. I didn't get killed but adrenaline was high. After that the main battle begins - it was big, hard and AWESOME. Felling when you fighting along with thousands of other Vikings versus thousands of Legion troops... fight for your life, using Dragons to destroy Shamans, fight with Giants and Champions - GREAT. Battle had few phases and the last one was hard - summon a Shaman in the Leystone when nearby still enemys are respawning. But after two times I finally made it and battle was over. Again, we won.

But before Skarin can finally crush Legion power and defeat Hel, there is still a lot to do. Now the Hel's army is most powerful even saving the Viking brothers is really hard. For example, first place to liberate north of Thornvik. It is guarded by several troops, one giant and Shaman. This is madness. Shaman can revive fallen troops and giant... it extremaly hard to beat him without any support (especially when I don't mastered combo moves). Of course, there is a cage with Vikings which I need to save them, that I tryed two times to get to them unseen but I got caught into fight and died. Still I need to save them, find a way to open Gateway and next... clear next places and save next Vikings... rouitne job I can say. But I can't wait untill final battle. RAGNAROK! Oh yea... GS five that game 5.0. I think it's really low. It deserves at least 7.0.

Image 63


'Game On' ep. 33 | Ghost Recon

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon for PC - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon PC Game - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Computer Game

Image 10

Well, I finally get my hands on this old school Ghost Recon game along with two great expansion pack called Island Thunder and Desert Siege. Three games in one... nice. It give me at least a hundreads of awesome and truly great gameplay and a lot of fun. Ya know... GR have one of greatest community's ever with a OUTTRAGEOUS amount of content - mods, maps, missions, campaigns and almost all of them are giving next couple of gameplay and chance to spend a nice night with PC. I've already finished three main campaigns and few from mods and others. Also, I played several quick missions in SP and in MP - second option is the best. Cooperative work with friends against enemy is that what tactical gamers like most. And so do I.

Gameplay. IS AWESOME! Really. It's an old-school game but still video performance is still impressive like animations, I'd really like them. Audio performance is also great and you can fell like in a silent battlefield between Ghost Team and their enemys. Basically, there is a great single player with a lot of content and OUTTRAGEOUS multi player with hundreads or thousands missions (included in mods etc.) and every from it can be played with your net pals. Job for a years. And MP gameplay is better bacause AI of your human friends is higher than a NPC and they can quickly and better resolve a problem how to flank and take out enemy sniper for example (but that I think, everybody knows) instead of waiting in one place untill whole squad will be wiped out. And because of that, SP campaigns take a lot more time and patience to complete. We have unlimited ammo and weapon support but human resources are low. We have only several normal troops and some hero's with unique weapons (btw. in oryginal GR there are low amount of weapons, armory is weak) and if somebody die in missions, he won't be avaible in next. Keppin' alive your teammates is worst thing. To this game patience is needed. And the oryginal campagins for Ghost Recon + expansion packs are tought, but you get an awesome story, felling when beating every missions and visit a lot of interesting places like this while Heavy Rain operation. Enemys AI is also high - they are flanking, reacting to contact, throwing granades etc. Great. So after beating SP camp's are some other from mods I have started my multiplayer gaming. I'm after few nice matches and missions... so here we go. Almost every new session and match is something with great fellings and impressions. Therefore are also a dynamic missions on some maps with always different objectives, enemy force and generally - everything is random. AWESOME. For example, I'm after one great game with net friend - codename Jones - on his server. We both cleared all 'Tank' map (this is Desert Siege exapnsion pack) on Navy SEALS and some other mods. I have told ya already that SEALs mod have OUTSTANDING armory - then I repeated it. M4 SOPMOD is awesome, overpowered but owns enemy soldiers badly. I died one time almost at the end of mission during evacuation to extraction side. But to the end, everything went smoothly. Great job. OK, peace. Further updates will be only on multi player career but... well, maybe not...

Image 19


So I've downloaded next custom campaign called 'Free Russia' and like title says it takes place in Russia during some local or cyvil war againts two factions. Ghost Team is send there to restore a Democratic movement in Moscow and restore peace. Along with some great visual or armory mods (awesome Navy SEALS) with a lot of stuff we will fight during 10 long and tough operations. Especially, I don't like the first one and number 5 or 6 I think, this taking place at Russian aiport and collecting intel. Also, the one which we need to escape POW camp is really hard and player need a lot of patience. Sometimes, best way is to play alone, without NPC mates. And thing I'm most proud of - I've beaten the campaign on Elite difficulty and it took me a several hours to complete it. But with some great weapon kit's from Navy SEALs mod - the all firefights are just outstanding and fellings after won battle is just great. And because of that, my fellow Ghost members achieved several ribbons and few medal which I'm really proud of, especially Medal of Honor, but also - Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star. I'm also began campaign called '8 Days' on well known Desert Siege maps. And so, after few really challenging few hours I completed it. This is my second campaign which I completed on Elite and I'm proud of it and either not so many of my Ghost mates died - only few were injured during last opeartion. This campaign can be boring - almost on every mission we go somewhere, kill someone and destroy something. Get in, kill, get out. We visit all known places from expansion pack as rail, oil refinery and even destroy a roadblock (this mission is hard). Also, sometimes we need to defend and rescue hostages - especially in refinery that work is hard. Of course, few of Ghost get's a nice medal like Medal of Honor for killing large number of enemys - about 30 tangos I think. Shooting, explosions, tactics. How to not love it? It's impossible. Peace.

And of course I were figting in some multiplayer games. Tonight - 9 May '08 - I played two maps - both victories with my net buddies - codename Jones, Buby and Cloneus. Both games were quite short - we've played about 45 minutes but fun and enjoy of game was always great. Possibly, that game never get's boring during so much amount of stuff in it and great pal's to play in multiplayer. So first mission was 'Bridge' and objective was quite simple - defend base at all cost. Sniper (me - M25 SD + HK MP5k SD] was covering the brdige site and I hunted a nice amount od FDG troops (it was Jungle Storm map), but there was a hot one situation when enemy attacked us from right flank and two of us dies, but al least we have respawn. After 5-10 minutes enemy retrated and we had victory! Next mission - 'Tank'. Ealier in the day I tried to beat it with NPC comrades but we were simply owned. Now, with human buddies we won, but we have few dies and respawns... for example me after headshot from sniper. At least, I know that M14 is also great weapon for middle range.

Image 16

'Game On' ep. 32 | Dark Sector...

Dark Sector for Xbox 360 - Dark Sector Xbox360 Game - Dark Sector Xbox 360 Video Game


Yet another great game on X360 is called Dark Sector. What is this about? In fictional country called Lasria (but it look almost like post-apocalypse Russia, guys are speaking Russian) in XX century something gone wrong. Strange, chemical substance spread across the country and military secure the area and kill every life form. In this deep ^#$@ our hero, ex CIA agent, Hayden Tenno whos target is guy called Mezner who wants to spread plague all around the globe is in. Our job is to find and eliminate him. Quickly, another thing went wrong and our hero get's infected. And the real fun begins. Of course, game is looking outtrageous. Big plus to audio-video performance, it was marvelous. And about...

Gameplay. We are running in closed, linear levels, there's no freedom but it's good. Of course, you can choose type of passing soldiers - deadly or silent but that's all. Levels are full of genius, dark atmosphere and sometimes, scripted actions are great. First of all, we using normal weapons but later, hero get's a metalic arm with some deadly features. For example, you want to get a weapon but MG emplacement will kill you? No problem. Throw metal 'thing' (I don't know how it called) and you have it. Don't want to waste ammo? Target enemy soldier and cut off his head or leg. Fun with this features is nice and overall game after three chapters is nice looking. Okay, so time passed and I played next few levels and I'm liking this game more and more. The 3-factions system is great - player, infected and soldiers. Get the best tactic to beat them all. That's the great stuff. Also now, I have better firepower 'cos I bought a smth' like UZI which is better than normal pistol. Fight are sometimes hard and it's easy to get killed but after few tries finally I kill them and go to another part of level. But the most awesome thing is fight with Infected. Easily I get in panic and then I shoot without targeting, throwing metal 'axe' into them and prey to kill them. Atmosphere is great, but still I need to play more to known the game better. At least, I already have a boss fight. It was damn great felling. Peace.

UPDATE #1 (16 May 2008)

So I played the next whole level in this game called 'The Shipment' and half from 'The Bait'. Game itself is quick and short, except some stupid moments when you die often untill get luck. First level is starting at the port when we first time ride a Jackall - this machines which can be desteroyed by RPG - and I must say - killing from it is great. Rockets and machineguns... sweet. After some shooting with military our hero jump to a cargo transported by chopper and get's on a ship. And once again we have some shooting - close combat range with infected-arm is really great and after that destroy another heli. We get into ship... seen some ugly cargo and then cut-scene. If you want to known my opinion - that what our CIA agent done is totally stupiddy. After that, we have 10 minutes to escape sinking ship. That is easy. And after that we once again go to land, back to port at night, when some new mutants appear. Atmosphere was nice, dark and creepy. But those mutants were giving me a headache. Sometimes, they are really... hard to beat. But at least, game is still great fun.

'Game On' ep. 31 | Multi Heroes

Company of Heroes for PC - Company of Heroes PC Game - Company of Heroes Computer Game

Image 13

Yo, this is a great WWII strategy game which a lot of people should known and play. Ealier, I presented a few blogs about that game so now I will present some updates of my multi and single player battles from the Relic Online. Just now, first after action report is coming up. An awesome, long and hard battle (1 hour and 35 minutes long) between us - me, my net pals - FriX and Jones - versus three hard Alied forces, British and Americans. The place was called Gottemerung and after battle it was totally destroyed. For the first phase of battle we were at desperate defense. I had a lot of troubles about my flank and often situation get's hot. Jones with Wermacht forces defend a central point of map with really low amount of forces but he made it. After some time I finally cleared and secured my left flank and help secure the central point of map. Situation was really hot. Finally, we were able to push back attackers, secure central point and my friend build so called Victory Lane - a lot of bunkers with repair stations for our tanks. In the meantime I called a Panter Group, two Panters and a lot of firepower + one tank destroyer squad were able to hold the front line until our counterattack. And when it comes our combine forces smashed the Alied forces within few minutes. Mission complete. And that was my first time playing the Panzer Elite in multiplayer.

On 12 May 2008 year (while writing, it was yesterday) I played yet another awesome multiplayer battle with my net friend Jones against two hard CPU - one Wermacht and one Panzer Elite on Vire River map which is also great. I was Americans, Jones - British. You know that stuff - taking points, building a base and some units and then first contacts with enemy. That was for about few minutes, maybe ten. Phase one as I called. I had some problems at mine south bridge 'cos some enemy forces break throught but I managed to pull them back to other side of river. Second phase was possibly the longest and bloodiest - total defense. South bridge was defended by MG emplacement + machinegun squad and north was covered by British forces. Central part was most hard. That who played that map known that in central there is river, but no birdge and every unit can go to other side by water. So the battle was really bloody. Central part was covered by few MG emplacements, some units and for e.g AT gun from British. We have a lot of loosses 'cos direct artillery from Panzer Elite for e.g thay have taken out my best sniper and some AT guns (this from US Army). But so far we were able to hold off every single attack and push them back or even slaughter all the units especially when I called a bombing strike (I choosen a Airborne Company and my friend - Commandos, SAS + Airborne = enemy owned!). When finally I gathered about five full units of Airborne troops we pushed to another shore of the river. My forces manage to survive artillery and run to a hill which was a key position to our later attacks. Meanwhile, south bridge was repaired and other ground forces goes into enemy territory. By the north bridge, Axis tryed to break defense line but all their forces were destroyed like Tigers and Panters. After Airborne was reinforced it were patrolling the hill and destroy every enemy unit trying to approach it. Meanwhile British were building defenses around hill. I also dropped some AT guns and hill was a powerful stronghold. Untill end of the game, Axis don't recaptured it. Simply, from that point we knew that we have already won. After few minutes our ground forces rushed into enemy bases and crush them to the ground. British have some problem with south base but with mine help we were able to take it out. After that, just a victory photo and... End.

Image 14

'Game On' ep. 30 | Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of Man for PS3 - Resistance: Fall of Man Playstation 3 - Resistance: Fall of Man PS3 Game

Image 57


The yet again game which I played in my pal's house on PS3 it was a Resistance: Fall of Man game. That was pretty nice and enjoyable but this isn'y the greatest game on PS3. Ya know... it was made at premiere of console so it's quite old. Except of this, game as I said, is fun and enjoyable. I played/saw two levels. First, called York, beginning of game, and the last one, called Tower. I know that from plot side is totally bad but it's good for me that I know ending. In future I will play all game so I will wait. So, let's start from beginning, shall we?

First level, York. After nice but quite short intro the situation has been explained and in what deep hell we have been in. Russia closed borders... suprised Chimera attack, Europe falling apart, war in UK... the invasion of US Army againts invaders. That's in short description the story tell in first minutes. After short cut scene, where our Osprey get shoot down, we get into action. Explosions, lot of action, shooting and some nice weapons and ugly enemys. Really, Chimera looks sometimes creepy. In my opinion in most of time we fight alone because our friendly soldiers quickly get killed. So after few minutes shooting and defend of bus station, something fall from sky and mission ends. We were owned if I would say. And what about last level? Explosions, shooting... everything. I won't spoil about this one so better play yourself. Game is nice but not great. Peace.

Image 98

'Game On' ep. 29 | Crysis

Crysis for PC - Crysis PC Game - Crysis Computer Game

Crysis pics
Crysis pics 2
An F-18 jet is shoot down by Korean AAA site. Pics from 'Assault' level.


Yo. This is another great, but not awesome game - this time on PC - called Crysis. I figured it out that only my impressions from this game are from demo version but I had a full version and even complete it. My video performance was 800x600 and a medium to everything. Even that settings game was still looking nice and almost fotorealistic. Untill better hardware on my computer I won't play this game again. A lot of people seen screens and movies so I don't need to to tell it once again. Ya know that I'm bad in writing about technical side, better to write about impressions, gameplay and my overall history with this game.

Yeah so, from beginning. Story is taking place in year 2021. Short description - there is an island which have a strange found. Island were invaded by North Korean forces and then US Army send a elite Delta Force squad and we are controlling a Jake Dunn, codename 'Nomad'. He and his team mates dn't know in what crap they going into... from first seconds afer jumping from airplane we know that something else is on island, than North Koreans soldiers. I think that a lot of people from GS beat that game so it won't be suprise if I say that later we fight with Aliens - 'Cave' level pissed me off (!!!) - and once again in island but frozen. But from begin... first level is some sort of toturial. Using powers of nano-suit, modificating my weapons and killing first enemy soldiers. That what I really like from this game is absolutely freedom of taking tactics. For first time I use a tactical ammo to knock out one soldier and then use camouflage and knock out another and then shoot second one. After he's dead, I easily put a bullet into head to this sleeping ones. Other way, simply shoot everybody in my way, but when doing that ammo is running off really fast. In this point game is quite hard. In later periods of game enemys are better equipped, more dangerous and... there are more of them overall. For example, in almost in the end of 'Contact' level there is a Korean guard post with few soldiers. I tryed twice to kill them in normal way, but with no effect. So I take a Humvee, ride fast into the center of post (where were also a two other cars), jump out and quickly shoot in the gasoline. Explosion eliminate few soldiers and destroy some part of buidling so the rest of work was more easily. Later, in next few level's game is getting hotter as the USMC invade the island - 'Assault' level and get fight with Korean forces. That level when we need to destroy three AA guns is long and hard also but is hell enjoyable when finally I took out those guns and funs go further. Gameplay is much fun, 'cos of nice level build, some nice special effect - like when gasoline explode at gas station - and a lot of serious, tactical shooting. And also, there is a GENIUS Nano Siut with four great abilities which give a lot into tactical beating of this game. For example, in 'Contact' level, part at the coast where we need to destroy something. I could get down there and kill everyone with my gun, but more fun is to use Cloak, get into camp, sneak, wait for moment, then activate maximum strenght and punch enemy soldier or thrown him into other one. Then, use speed and run to another and once again kill him with max. strenght or with gun. So overall, I don't want to tell all my impressions from beating this game, level by level, 'cos this could be boring so I'll end now. Peace.

Crysis pics 4


Back from hell + Account at

Hi all fellow GameSpotters. This is just a quick blog that I've made back from hell and made an account on So now guys, this is the link:

BlackShadow1991 GameTrailers Account (normal_man nick on GS)

[UPDATE: Forget about it. GT have poor blog options and Im not familiar here so rather I will stay here longer. Preparing the new blogs... hehehe :P]

First thing. Second, I watched some new movies, play a lot of new games and have a tons of new impressions. I've already completed text for at least 10 new Game On episodes so I wish it would be woorth waiting. Anyway, sorry to all of you. But finally I'm back 8)

I'll Be Back or See Ya in Hell

So yo all after a long break from blog/forum posting and also once again - GOODBYE and FAREWEEL ;) I've been seeing a dissapearnce of many great persons here on GS... and that's quite sadly for me... :( GS never be the same for me as it was a two years ago when I visited this site first time. Well. What's your opinion? I'm not leaving for now beacuse I don't have something to wirte, low comments :P (that's really NOT-important thing in the world) but just because I think GameSpot slowly dies... :evil:

But of course in real life I won't die. A huge potion of learning to school (we have deadline now :P ), watching TV, reading magazines, surf around the Internet, especially YouTube and deviantART but also many other sites which I like them. I will be also playing some games like SWAT 4, Rainbow Six 3 with pals, Operation Flashpoint (which never dies :D ), Armed Assault and many other... Maybe soon I will get an old school game called Ghost Recon? :P Just maybe. And maybe I will upload a gameplay vids. from Call of Duty 4...

OK, so my last word for now...



Simply, no thanks. I won't wirte any thing you don't know about me, I won't write anything if somebody will send a PM with a tag. I ****** hate that things and... :P I'm getting pissed when I get that message... And that all-tag thing let me to make a blog 'cos simply ealier I even don't have power to write something. Finally, weekend is coming and some rest... God damn. I need it so much... :P

And what about my life? Well, nothing. I'm working hard in school to get a good marks... get now some new games like Raibow Six Raven Shield + Athena Sword and already play it once with friends on Internet and it's great :D After Easter I still have a plenty of money so maybe I'll have something new in few weeks or months... well. Stay tuned! :)