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GameSpot will survive because of the integrity of its staff

Like many people I've awoken from Blog hibernation -- it's all been said better elsewhere, but after listening to the HotSpot and watching On the Spot, I wanted to weigh in. I worked at GameSpot for almost 5 years, and I can say with complete certainty that the editors at GameSpot are incredibly hardworking and honest and would never allow outside pressure to color their judgement. That's not to say that outside pressure doesn't exist -- it certainly does, and as the industry grows that pressure becomes ever more intense. But I know that the remaining editors would all walk if they truly were pressured into altering the way that they have covered games for 11+ years.

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The Shins

Okay, I was late to the party with The Shins. Somehow I heard Chutes Too Narrow right when it came out and didn't appreciate its genious and totally fally in love with it. I also admit that I am one of the hordes who then heard "New Slang" in Garden State and decided to investigate. Now I love 'em! Anyhow, I was reminded of the Shins because one of their songs was featured on the latest episode of Laguna Beach. Like, totally.

Back in the saddle.

Here's Mr Cutey Pants, or Thurston, as he's known around the house, presented here in his "prison break" outfit.

Charlie & The Creepy Factory

Okay, it's not TV-related, but my wife and I saw Tim Burton's "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" last night, and man, is that a creepy movie. The parallels to Michael Jackson's weird, perverted Neverland are unmistakable, and everything cute from the Gene Wilder version has been transformed into something twisted and dark. I thought it was a good movie, but I didn't exactly enjoy watching it. It was more like being trapped in a crazy drug world. The oompa loompas were the highlight for me. Not sure what the kids in the theater thought about them though. I think I heard a few younger ones crying during the glam rock number.
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