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To be more specific, it looks very familiar to the planetary battle part of Space Rangers. From what I gather from this video, it has nothing to do with space trading.

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A really nice game indeed, definitely worth $9.99 for people who didn't try it yet.

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Well, even better that I figured it out then...

Posting the answer in case someone else ever happens to come across this thread: apparently the game expects you to pay the full production cost up-front. I just hope that this amount is not just the material cost, if I have to pay engineering hours on top I'll quickly go broke...

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For purely economical reasons I've been flying the default raptors and red raider transport until now. Yesterday I finally decided it was time to build a sky diver. I put up an empty hangar and started sky diver production. However it immediately went into "production suspended" status, even when there were engineers allocated to it.

Edit: I did not run out of cash (still $ 1 million on my hands) so that doesn't explain why production was halted. Or should I have the full aircraft's cost ($ 1.8 million) readily available throughout the whole production period?

Has ayone ever experienced this and is there a way to resolve?

On a side note, had to reload twice during a mission yesterday... A terror site full of preachers left all but 2 of my soldiers in hospital. Of course the perfect time for a battleship to show up and attack my main base.
3 desert spirits (the basic tank model) and 2 soldiers up against plenty of hunters, a handful of preachers and a few robotic things I hadn't encountered before. After 2 reloads I managed to win the fight with 1 soldier standing :shock:

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I wish some smart game developer would tackle Bram Stoker's Dracula.

The Bram Stoker idea is fabulous....

Not sure that in practice it would be as fabulous, just thinking about the load of terribly lame movies that borrowed too heavily from Stoker makes me cringe. :p
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Juiced is quite nice as well and should run fine with such a configuration, as is Street Racing Syndicate.

I would advise against Midnight Racing II on pc; it may be ok with some kind of controller but with a keyboard it's quite horrible to play.

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Im sorry but are blind? they look nothing like that.Empirefrtw

Freud would have a field day :P

I also fail to see the similaritiesbetween said body part and creepers, but well...

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I used to have this game for PS2, from what I remember it was a decent game, Didn't it have David Duchovny as the main character?andalore


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The opinions seem to be quite divided. I'd say it wasn't bad but nothing special either.

Judging by the file size it's indeed Area 51 though the screenshot looks more like Blacksite. Not that I ever played Blacksite but I don't remember seeing any such creature in Area 51 (which I didn't finish, got bored with it at some point)

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Divine Divinity? It's slightly older than what you wish for, but preferred by most people over its successors (beyond divinity, divinity 2)