Its been a while...

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Its been a while since I wrote a blog, I have simply been busy these past few months. With going to school and then having two jobs, I lost a lot of my free time. So now hopefully I can stay active with writing more blogs and posting more in general. I cant wait for Christmas to get here. I have a lot of cool gifts waiting for me.

I am ELI73 !!!!

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I just wanted to bring to everyones attention that I got a new gamertag so plz go add it so I can play against you on live and plz send me a message telling me who you are because I will not accept people I do not know.My new gamertag is ELI73ASSASSIN

thoughts on my 20k posting milestone

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As many of you know, I reached the 20k posting milestone earlier this morning. I never thought I could of reached 20k as fast as I did. I have been a GS member for a lil over one year now and Im already at the 20k posting mark. I will hopefully one day over take Jake for the all-time posting record and become the king of posting.8)

hatred turning into love

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As many of my friends here on GS know Im a big fan of the Atlanta Braves. I have been loving them ever since I watched my first Braves game. Well theres this other team but this other team I hated them with a passion. That team is the New York Yankees.

I just never liked them that much.I always admitted that they were a good team but never deserved all of the fans they have. Many Yankee fans know little to nothing about the team. So I would always see someone it the mall or somewheres and Im a very out going person so I would go up to them and start talking to them about baseball and ask them why they like the Yankees and they always responded "umm...they won 26 World Series..."I mean this is all they know and they call themselves Yankee fans. So I would always go around bashing the Yankees. But then one day it all started to change.

That feeling of hatred started to become a feeling of love. I hated to admit it at first but by my hatred of the Yankees turned into love of the team, I have became a fan of the team. For about a year or so I was ashamed to say that I am a fan of the Yankees. Now Im feeling more comfortable admiting and one day soon this week I will be going to the store and buy my first Yankees hat. I am now proud to admit I am a fan of the New York Yankees.

They're coming...

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My new blogs are on their way.They are a little delayed since I have been working a lot and taking care of my girlfriend for the past few days...I apologize for my blogs being delayed. They will be here as soon as I have more free time.

A work in progress

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I intend on being serious this time and start writing more blogs. I used to try to write blogs every other day if not everyday. I have a few blogs that I am working on at the moment and I will be posting in the next few weeks. One thats about to be posted in the next few days is pics of my bday gifts(I should of had those up a week ago but got lazy:|).Also too I am open to suggestions of what I should put in my blogs.So hopefully I will hear some feedback from y'all:D

I cant believe Im not a teenager anymore

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As many of y'all know today is my birthday. Today I leave the teenage years behind as I turn 20. It feels weird in a way not being a teenager anymore. I now feel like I am about to gain even more responsibilities as I creep closer to the magical age of 21.Now I just cant wait to see what everyone plans to do for my birthday.I have like a million people wanting to take me out some wheres for it and I do not know what to do. Today could be one of the best birthdays I have had recently.I still cant believe Im 20...

I finally reached it !

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     Last night  I finally made it to 10k post.I was able to make it to the posting milestone in less  than a year,it was not easy for me to achieve because for a few months I was inactive and was not posting that much but that does not matter now since I finally reached 10k.

     My party from last night went well and it is still going on today. I am looking forward to my next 10k post but that will be almost a year away.

I am a guitar zero

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    Today Guitar Hero II was released on the Xbox 360, well I went to go pick up my copy and I went straight home excited to finally play Guitar Hero II. Well I unwrap the game and the guitar and start playing and  there is where I run into a problem...I seem not to be able to complete a song.

     I just hope I can learn how  to play soon. This is my first time actually playing a Guitar Hero game and the learning curb is a big one. Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how I can learn how to play the game?

I need to build my stamina up again

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   As many of y'all might know I have been dating Nicole for the past two months and this last Monday, I broke up with her.Well during those two months, I played very little videogames.I might would play a game for about 30mins to a hour at the most.

   Well yesterday me and my bestfriend Renga played Gears of War for about 5 hours straight and by the end of our gaming session I was tired.So now I have to build up my stamina again.Hopefully I will be back to my old self by the end of Spring break which starts next week for me.


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