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Resistance 2 co-op

Resistance 2 has one of the most fun online co-op ever created. (COD 5 not yet released) There are 5 maps to play on and several missions for each map. There are 3 classes to choose from medic, solider, and spec ops. Every class has its own ability the team needs. the medic supplies heath to the rest of the team, the solider supplies a shield to hide behind and heavy fire power, and the spec ops supplies ammo for the rest of the team. Each class has a main weapon that is not changeable and a backup weapon that can be changed. You do not start out with a back up weapon for each class you must unlock them. There are also armor and power ups you can unlock with rank. The guns are as follows Medic's: Pheonix (life draining and giving gun), carbine (M1 grand like gun), rossmore (shotgun), magnum (pistol with explosive rounds), and splicer (shots saw blades)Spec ops: marksman (3 shot burst sniper), bullseye (alien machine gun), fareye (sniper), auger (heavy alien machine gun), and bellock (grenade launcher) Soldier: wraith (chain gun), rossmore (shotgun), bullseye (alien machine gun), auger (heavy alien machine gun), and LAARK (rocket launcher). One problem with the offline co-op is that only 2 people can play together. The problem is no matter what 2 classes you play with you still need the 3rd class. It is possibly to play if you have good guns but it is still almost impossible.

I believe in Treyarch

Why do all you think just because Treyarch is making Call of Duty 5 its going to be bad? Too many of people have the opinion that since Treyarch is making it its going to be horrible. I don't know if you (the unbeliever) have seen anything of COD5 but it looks awesome. The flamethrower looks freakin sweet. If you have not seen a flamethrower gameplay video go watch one right now! You may not know, but Treyarch is adding something the franchise has never had (co-op campaign). The game is going to run on the COD4 engine. Treyarch is also making the new James Bond game with the COD4 engine. If nothing else have faith in the engine. Treyarch is not a bad developer, they developed the Spiderman games (given the 3rd was not the best), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2, and the NHL 2K series.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Star Wars The Force Unleashed looks to be one of the most promising games of 2009. (I have not seen anything for CoD 5) Lucas Arts after many years has finally gotten a good internal development team back. If you have seen any of the tech demos you would know they have some thing very special going for them.They have been able to make things like wood, glass, metal, etc. break like it would in the real word. Lucas Arts has also been able to develop tecnology that allows characters to nerves and learn to respond how they need to, too survive. This game has been pushed back for time after time, and is now scheduled for a September release.


The new DLC* for CoD 4* looks amazing, except the kilhouse level (which is also a map on R6V*) which looks an indoor shipment and has no to little hiding spots. Only one of the four new maps will be based from the campaign. Broadcast based on the TV area in Charlie Don't Surf and is meant for smaller games. China Town is a level from Call of Duty 2, but you would never know it. It looks sweet with lots of houses and shops to hide in. China Town is meant for larger games. Creek the third new maps looks the most promising, with a waterfall to snipe from atop of, a small village to hide in, and much more. This map is meant for small to medium games. The last map Killhouse is a small in closed area like a training ground, a little bigger than shipment. there is a mounted turret which could be great fun, but it appears to be in a bad location. This map is meant for small games. These maps are supposed to release in mid April for 800msp* for the Xbox 360, $10 for the PS3, and free for the PC (the PS3 and Xbox prices are the same, 800msp = $10).

DLC = Downloadable Content

CoD 4 = Call of Duty 4

R6V = Rainbow Six Vegas

msp = Microsoft Points

CoD 4 Multiplayer

The Call of Duty 4 online and off multiplayer is one of the best I have ever played. The offline not being as good as the online because you can not create custom cla sses (I can not say cla ss), but it has fair cla ss selections. The online is addictive because you are constantly trying to complete challenges, unlock new weapons, weapon add ons, and rank up. Even after you reach the highest rank you can go into prestige mode and do it all again with more prestige. There are lots of maps and plenty of game types to play on them. Not to mention the new maps Infinity Ward has promised to deliver.

Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero 3

Duh you can tell Rock Band is better because you can do two more instruments than you can in Guitar Hero. That is not the only reason though; ALL of the songs in GH3 are cover songs. Only a few in RB are cover songs. RB has way more songs for download than GH3. I must admit GH3 has some good songs and the battle mode is pretty cool, but RB's band world tour is too awesome. Overall RB is way better than GH3!