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Classic AAA games are Drowning in a sea of Average Modern Day Games

As time goes on and More games come out, the great classic games come closer and closer to being pushed over the edge into a sea of forgotten games, it seems as of latley, AAA games really are not surpassing our Expectations, as our traditional Ps1, which revolutionized 3D platforming games, but now all we seem to see is FPS games like COD and MW. Remember the old days where you would pop in Crash 2 on your Ps1 and your mind would be Blown away? those where the golden days in gaming. (in my personal opinion) Now days we may have top notch graphics and great cut scenes, but where is all the mindblowing gameplay features? It seems every year we get a good dose of broken record, contenuelly watching the same games pop up. These games are a copy of that one game from the ps2 era which was a copy of that one game that appeared a year before that other game. see what im getting at? I do not want to point fingers but a good example of this is games like COD and The Madden series, these games come up every year, adding better graphics and small gameplay tweaks.


Old Classic Spyro was taken over with a shame-full new "Skylanders" look

So? whats the big deal? top notch graphics are good, and Cod is amazing? I can see where people may say things like "COD IS AMAZING!?" or "whata mean games arn't getting better? Look at Maddens graphics!" But all these things are small details that should be apart of a bigger picture. Why is it every year the only new thing we get in cod is some new wepons, a new " Lower than Average" story and some better looking graphics? Why is it that every Street fighter that comes out only adds a couple new charectors and some small new mechanics? Some may say "well it still doesn't matter, games are getting better its not hurting anything" But thats where the gamer is wrong. Do any of the Old Ps1 gamers still remember the game Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver? Cause I had to go online and search up "soul reaver" cause I couldn't even remember the Main charectors name.


Raziel From the Classic ps1 and dreamcast game "Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver"

These days we have games like "Uncharted 3" Sitting on the throne for Best Game Story Ever. This is not true, of course, if you have ever played through the entire Legacy of Kain series, you would know that is not true. Legacy of Kain is a perfect example of how modern day gamers are Loosing memory of Classis master pieces such as this. If I showed a modern day gamer a picture of Raziel they would NOT know who it was. Why? Because once the gaming media realizes FSP are the new "COOL" they throw all laws of old gaming in the trash and head for the gold. It doesn't surprise me that so many game developers are making copies of other games. They look at COD and say "Wait? people actually buy into that stuff?".

When was the last time you played a GOOD platforming game? was it uncharted 3? infamous 2? I dont count those as platforming games, when they aim more toward action/adventure. When i think of modern platforming games i think of mario, and lets face it, if there is one person whome stands for the word 'remake' its MARIO. (and link) So where are all the 3D platformers? As of the modern day i can't think of any that are currently out? Sure there is Assassins creed but thats more Stealth/Action. Sly cooper: Thieves in time, Heard of it? If you have not, then I hope you click the name and read up on it, If you know anything about sly cooper, he was one of the three kings of the ps2 Era (the other two being ratchet and jak).


A poster Of sly in the new "Sly: Thieves In Time"

The new Sly game is a great showing of how developers are going back to the basics. This could end up 2 ways, first the game could be a total wreck and most people would see this and be like "This is why we should stick with COD!" Or the game could be a complete and total master Piece, this would show everyone that the platforming era doesn't have to be over, and we can go back to basics. Now you might say "wait? you said we Should try NEW things? why are you using a remake of an old game as an example for something new?"

My point isn't really to throw out the entire recipe. The idea behind it all is to try something That isn't the exact same as every video game of that Console era. Sly Cooper May have been the same as every other game in its First time around, but as it re-enters the stage it provides something new to players who never experienced or never even hear of Sly Cooper. Basicly Keep your mind OPEN sure COD is a great series and if FPS went exctinct for 10 years im sure i would be begging for a new MW but thats not the case. Games like Dishonered or Sly provide newer and fresher ideas.

3 Charectors what WILL sell Playstation Allstars Battle Royale to Gamers.

Playstation Allstars Battle Royale is one of those games that is gaining as much hate as it is praise. Gamers who cought news of a playstation franchise based brawler, did one of 2 things. 1. they freaked out, since their dream game was a reality or2. They screamed in rage, since the game showed extreeme similarities to SSBB.

But I believe that if superbot (developers of the game) where to include most of the charectors below, then their sales would be much larger, and reviews and reception of the game would be largly increased. The following charectors have a large fan base, and most have already been mentioned in many posts and blogs, I will be fleshing out the possibilty of their inclusion.

1. Sora


Sora first appeared on the ps2, and honestly is one of my favorite game series of all time. The fanbase of this charector is beyond comparision to most game charectors. Sora's inclusion in the game would mean all those fanboys of the Final Fantsy stlye games, would rush to buy Battle royale and experiece Sora in his first fighting game. But Disney owns the rights to Sora, and honestly they are VERY touchy, and with good reason. Superbot would have to be very convinsing in order to have Disney allow Sora in the game, not only that, but the Kingdom Hearts series is leaning more toward the 3DS platforms instead of the playstation or psp, meaning kingdom hearts developers may frown on the idea of Sora appearing on the playstation before Kingdom hearts 3 comes out. Although on the other hand Disney may look at his inclusion like a grand entrance for Sora, if Sora where to apear in this game old fans would look at this and get really hyped for Kingdom hearts 3, it would be like the appitizer for KH3. Meaning he would gain popularity, making Kingdom Hearts 3 a better selling product.

Chance of inclusion= 42%

2. Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot was once thee image of Playstation, following Crash through his first 3 games, he became well known as "The Playstation Mascot". I can Garentee you that Crash WILL be in playstation all stars, there is just no way he cant be. Now sony doesn't own crash anymore since they sold him and the rights to Activision (stupid move....) and has since apperead in C average games. But just cause his games arn't as amazing doesnt mean that crash isnt still holding his own, there is a LARGE base of players who will only purchase the game if their furry friend appears. Activision is the owner of Crash now, but if you look how they treat the franchise they could honestly care less, they have let multiple developers work on crash games spanning from a racing game to another platformer, and honestly I believe Activision has sqeezed all the money they can out of crash, Unless, They allow Superbot to use him, AND THEY WILL! Trust me, they will, I dont wanna sound harsh but Activsion is a money grubbing company, that plus the fanbase of this charector, will insure his inclusion in Battle Royale

Chance of inclusion= 95%

3. An Assassins Creed Represenitive


An Assassins Creed Represenitive would be a great addition to Battle Royale. Yet again there is a large fanbase behind the Assassins Creed series, it spans from playstation owners to Xbox owners, even nintendo owners now experience AC on the new Wii U. Now the big question is will Ubisoft allow it? YES i think they definetally will, think about how much ubisoft has been pushing out the AC products, there have been 2 spin offs of AC2 and there is even a animated short about etzio's life. Not only that but Ubisoft even allowed his inclusion in Soul Calibur 5, you would think that Ubisoft would allow it, IF Superbot wants it. The big question isn't if Ubisoft will allow it, the question is will Superbot feel the need to include an Assassin's Creed charector? I think there is a good chance they will, since Assassin's Creed 3 is getting so much attention. But WHO will they pick? there are 4 different ancestors (5 including psvita represenitive) it comes down to 2 of them Etzio, and Connor. As cool as Desmond and Altiar are, they are just not popular enough. IF someone makes an apperence it will be between Etzio and Connor, I personally believe they will push Connor into the game, to promote Assassins Creed 3.

Chance of Inclusion-Etzio=65% Connor=75%


Fan-boys.what seems to be a growing breed in our video gaming culture. fan-boys, people who prefer a certain systems over another and display their opinions on different comments, blogs, and even recent gaming reports. fan-boys have become more and more of a nuisances over the years. People are entitled to their own opinion, but should a ps3 owner be yelling at a Xbox owner, cause he doesn't approve of someones choice? I believe their are three different type of fan-boys in this world.

Fact Fan-boys.

Fact fan-boys base their opinions around fact. This can range from a friend telling a man that the X-box's graphics are not as good as the ps3's or from someones own personal experience, for example in my lifetime i have owned 3 Xbox 360's all broke because of the red ring of death, therefore i took the fact that the Xbox's broke and integrated that into my future gaming choices. fact fan-boys are usually rather silent about there own opinions when it comes down to it. Although there are a few who will make their voices heard.

Fiction fan-boys.

Fiction fan-boys are the loud, rude people you hear these days. These type of fan-boys are the people who will say "I OWN A XBOX THEREFORE THE PS3 SUUUUCCCKKKS!" these are the people who will try to make their voices heard in order to convince himself and others, that their choice was the best choice ever. They are rather arrogant and can seem to beproved wrong(in their own mind). These days fiction fan-boys are a growing population, we see them all the time.

Fun fan-boys.

Fun fan-boys say what they say because they like the reaction they get from other people/fan-boys. these are the people that will go through anything to push your buttons, they are easily mistakenfor being a fiction fanboy. these, I must say are a rather rare fanboy to come across (unless I'm mistaken) these are the people you normally want to shut up, weather they are rooting for the system you like or not.

Sadly fan-boys are a growing population in today's gaming community we see them everywhere, on a gamestopblogs to a online black ops match, the only thing you can do is let them say what ever floats their boat.. your opinion is your own.

Elder Scrolls V Has Been Reaveled For Real!!!!

it looks like there is another elder scrolls comming out and by the looks of it looks the best the trailer shows no gameplay instead shows a large stone carving with a giant curreled dragon and many things that represent elder scrolls around the dragon, things like the morrowind symbol and daedra figures and at the bottom it shows the sons of skyrim fighting spilling thier own blood......then a large SKYRIM comes on the screen with Elder Scrolls V written above it while epic music is playing

THATS RIGHT AN ELDER SCROLLS V is comming out on 11-11-11 !!-!!-!! enjoy your elder scrolls IV cause like morrowind whene the next comes out the onther one is left in the dust!

second time is the charm

many games out there have had a first and a second in the series, in some cases the first will suck compared to the second which is amazing! here is a list of the top five game where the first either suck or are not as good compared to the second.

5. jak 2

the first lets face it wasnt a complete failure but it wasnt really AMAZING. people likes it and adored its story and ending but when the second came around the corner we where wowed, it was almost a different game everything was so different, the town the city the story even how the charector looked!

4. spiderman 2

the first was not good (in my view) you swung your webs on nothing and the story wasnt that fun, the second came out and everything made sence your webs swung on buildings the movement was very fluid and enjoyable no other spiderman game has been able to mimic the great movement value in this game.

3.sly 2

the first sly presented some of the best movement animations and stealth gameplay of its time, but it wasnt as good as its sequel sly 2 band of thieves where a new sandbox ****was added along with new playable charectors a health bar and much much more, one of the top games to add so much content.

2. kingdom hearts 2

the first was good but the second was great presenting players to summon disney charectors new story new keyblades and great fighting moments, this is the best game disney has been involved in by far.

1.uncharted 2

by far the best sequels by far.. the first wasnt bad not at all it was actually pretty good but when you out them next to each other well, uncharted 2 eats it alive the great intense action moments are very memorable and ony in the second game its amazing considered even a contestor in the best game list

"infamous vs prototype"

infamous vs prototype an ongoing disscusion of which game overules the other. the reviews of gamespot and many other sites point infamous as the winner. well i do agree with them i will show you who wins in what things

grafics- infamous is a "no duh" winner for this the grafics are good and the electrisity looks great.\

combat- even though infamous has good combat prototypes is better more moves and tactics are requered in prototype while in infamous you can through lightning gernades everywhere and its over

story- this goes to infamous altho i saw that many people did not like the story ending of infamous i found it great *spoiler*

the idea of cole coming from the future and making him stronger to prepare for a enemy like no other is a great idea and i never thought of that as the ending while i was playing the game so thats what makes it good. compared to prototype infamous wins big time

extras- by extras i mean side missions and races and things like that. well infamous wins again, in prototype you run up walls with a time limit that earns you! nothing. in infamous you can gain areas and do quest, good or evil to make you gain stronger powers at least you are getting somewhere right?

others- this is where i vs too different special things of the game and compare them

karma changing (infamous) vs disguising (prototype)-in prototype you will find yourself eating people to look like them then find your self looking like a old lady running up walls ( which believe me, is fun) the aspect of disguising, i though was going to make the game a little stealth oreanted which it wasnt which was a dissapointment while karma changing of infamous at least gave the story a little diference and people would say different thing to you and the city would look different and so would your powers so more good stuff comes out of infamous so this goes to infamous

charector vs

cole vs alex.

fist question one i just throw out there is who would win in a fight? i say obviously alex :P next to the topic cole vs alex they have a lot of simlar charectoristics they bolth have deep voices and have mad faces and have a girl on there side who looks up info on everyone so he can kill em. and one MAJOR simalirty is you never get close to either cherector altho i do think you get closer to cole than alex *spoiler*

when trish (coles girlfriend) dies he screams and sleeps by her grave in anger he says to his enemy "im going to find you and when i do im going to kill you" (something like that) which gets you alot closer to the charectors so this also goes to cole


reasons? you get alot closer to cole in the story, the grafics are better, the story is better, its got more stuff packed in it, the exta races and side quests are better,

well there you have it the winner of the too real compotistion games :)