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Still Alive

For those of you wondering, no I'm not dead, and for those of you who aren't, well I'm telling you anyway :P The reason I haven't been on for the past couple months, is that my new college course is even more hectic than my last one, for example for my drawing skills class I had 25 drawings to do for the first outcome within a couple weeks, which I need to do in order to pass the class. So that's been taking up most of my time. I have managed to keep some time for gaming of which most of it is being taking up by Skyward Sword and Assassins Creed Revelations. That's really all I have time to say so I'll leave you with this which I love way more than I should :lol:

Random picture to make the blog look better :P

Up To Speed

Sorry it took so long for me to write this up, I haven't really found the motivation to actually write this before now :P But I eventually forced myself to finally do it. So yeah, I said in my last blog that I still had a week left of college, well I'm glad to say that I finished and passed my course which qualifies me to get on the 3D Animation course I wanted. This is a big step forward towards my dream job of becoming a games designer :D Now its just a case of waiting until September when college starts back again.

Gaming Update
This is gonna be massive so I'll just list what console's and the games I've got for them and what ones I've completed.

Playstation 3:
Mortal Kombat - Story mode Kompleted (Couldn't resist :lol: )
Shadows of the Damned
Prince of Persia Trilogy

Xbox 360:
Alice: Madness Returns - Completed (Playing through on Insane for the Achievement)
Brink - Completed the Resistance side
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Nintendo DS:
Pokemon Black and White - Completed Black (Including beating the Elite 4 and Champion twice)
Nintendo 3DS:
Super Street Fighter 4 3D
Rayman 3D
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

I also downloaded Bastion last night on Xbox, its an interesting and fun game to play, especially when the narrator reacts to what you do on screen. Also, as I said, I've been playing through Alice on insane to get 1000G for it, while on the PS3 I've been playing Mass Effect 2 just to finish the campaign with the character I want to import to 3.

Anyone remember this mindf**k?

On the 3DS I've been playing Zelda OoT, I've only just finished the Forest Temple as I haven't been playing it much due to a Pokemon Black and White tournament that I was preparing for at the Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh! club I go to every Monday. Speaking of Pokemon Black, I beat the elite 4 for the second time just the other day, the team I used is as follows:

Zoroark - Lv 64
Staraptor - Lv 50
Conkeldurr - Lv 57
Emboar - Lv 56
Haxorus - Lv 67
Garchomp - Lv 75

The reason I have 2 dragon types is because I'm trying to train Garchomp up to level 100 and Haxorus is my 2nd strongest Pokemon after Garchomp (not to mention Garchomp is my favorite Pokemon)
As I mentioned, I go to a club every Monday where I play Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon (Cards and VG), I've been going for about 3 or 4 months now and I've been doing not too bad. I won 2 out of 4 games in the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament and 1 out of 2 games in the Pokemon tournament (card). My current deck for Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Blackwing deck and I'm using a Dark and Steel deck for Pokemon. I could list the cards in my decks but that will probably make the blog longer than anyone is willing to read so I'll just leave that for next time :P
Last thing I'm going to mention is pre-orders. First up I pre-ordered the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition on Xbox as soon as it was announced.

I love this series to bits and I can't wait the the conclusion to it, its looking epic. Next up i pre-ordered the Assassins Creed: Revelations Collector's Edition again, on Xbox.

The Assassins Creed series is in my top 5 all time favorite games series and AC II is by far the best Assassins Creed. Next is the Bleach: Soul Resurrection game on PS3.

The reason I pre-ordered this is because I like the Bleach manga and anime and it looked like a decent game. Lastly I Pre-ordered the Sonic Generations Special Edition on 360. I played the demo that was released not too long ago and it was AMAZING, I honestly can't wait for this one.
Well that looks to be all for now (or that I can remember/be bothered writing :lol: ) Sorry for the length of the blog, I should've really blogged sooner but you know how it is with college towards the end of the year :P so until next time, catch you later.

Ain't No Rest For the Wicked

Firstly I'd like to direct you to the song for which this blog is named after, which you will find here. You'll probably know it if you've played Borderlands, and I just love it (and Cage the Elephant who sing it).

Secondly, I have to apologise for not posting any blogs over the past few months for those of you who (for some strange reason) like to read them, college has kept me really busy in the lead up to the end of the year.

Lastly, if my blogs were an anime, this one would have to considered filler as I still have so much to do for college before I finish on Friday after which I'll post a proper blog and update on what I've been doing. Until then though, catch you later ;)

Random picture of Alice from Alice: Madness Returns as its my current obsession and this blog looks weird without a picture :lol: :P

D-Con and Other Stuff

Hey guys, I've just noticed a pattern to my blogs... they happen only once a month :lol: I do mean to post sooner than I do, but its just that whenever I say I need to, I just can't be bothered to, or get caught doing something else :P Anyway, last Saturday there was an anime, manga and gaming con up in Dundee, so I decided to head along to that. As you'd expect there was a lot of Cosplayers and I managed to get a few pictures for uploading:

Here's the very regal looking Princess Zelda

Dante was posing for the crowd, show off :lol:

Gotta catch 'em all, dunno where Pikachu was though :P
There's actually more photos but I didn't want to make the blog too long, I also picked up some merch including this

A Naruto headband and Kunai, I also got a keyring of Lightning's Blazefire Sabre sword from Final Fantasy XIII. While there I watched some FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood, it was the episode showing how Ed lost his limbs and Al lost his body. The 3DS was also on display and I got try one of the AR games, and after playing it I can't wait to get my own now. Roll on March 25th :P There was also a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament but I forgot to take my deck with me so I didn't enter. Gamestation was also there hosting a Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournament, but I'm not that good at fighting games, so I didn't bother entering that :P I did watch some of it though a lot the players were extremely good at it, so wouldn't stood a chance :lol:
In other news, I've got another Interview for college next year on Tuesday (I had one for last Tuesday but I had a hospital appointment) so wish me luck for that :D College this year though is going good so far, I'm up to date with everything and I'm on course to pass which is what I'll probably need to do to get on the 3D Animation course I've applied for next year.

In gaming related news, Pokemon Black and White was released last Friday (4th March) and I picked up each, with Black as my main game, I haven't had much time to play it so I only have two badges. My team for the time being is:

Servine - Lv 25
Pignite - Lv 23
Dewott - Lv25
Tranquil - Lv 24
Blitzle - Lv 21
Munna - Lv 20

I'll probably switch Munna for Axew when I get one, as I want a Haxorus, but I get the feeling that I still have a ways to go before I find one :|
I downloaded the new Mortal Kombat demo and made a video impressions which can be found here. The demo is only available to Playstation Plus subscribers. This is actually the first time I've played a Mortal Kombat game, mainly because I was too young to play the first few that came out and also because I'm not very good at fighting games as I mentioned earlier and as you'll see if you watch the video :lol: but, I have seen videos of gameplay from older ones on Youtube and on here, so I pretty much knew what to expect from it. I have to say that its a fun game and performing a fatality is extremely satisfying :P
I've also bought Test Drive Unlimited 2, I haven't played the first so I can't compare it with that, but I can say its decent open world driving game, I also got Hyperdimension Neptunia, and what can I say other than its an interesting game, The combat is pretty simple but the story and dialogue can be dry but funny at the same time. The graphics are anime/manga ****and are ecchi, it is a decent game so far though :P

Thats all for this time, I'll back with another blog on the weekend of the 3DS release, so until then catch you guys later ;)

The Saturdays On A Sunday

Hey peoples, I figured it was about time I did another blog, and to start of with I was in Glasgow on Sunday (6th Feb) to see The Saturdays :D

For those of you who don't know, The Saturdays are a group of all female singers and are quite popular over here in the UK. Video link here to Higher Feat. Flo Rida, their latest video released, and here to my live recording of the same song :P I prefer the album version of this song without Flo Rida, but in saying that I'm no a massive fan of Flo Rida :lol: So yeah, I had an awesome time and stayed over in Glasgow for the night with a friend who went with me. We're both planning on going back to see them in December if they announce a date back in Glasgow.

Random picture of my favourite member of The Saturdays, Mollie King. She's also, in my opinion, the hottest member of the group (although, they're all hawt to be honest :P) So thats what I was up to at the weekend and other than that not much has been going on other than the usual college stuff. We're now into the second and final semester at college,which just started on Monday.

Gaming Update

First on the list is I have pre-ordered the 3DS from game. The only reason being is because of the games that are being released for it, like Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts and Zelda: Ocarina of Time to name but a few. I've also pre-ordered both:

Pokémon Black and White, and I'll probably get both versions. So far my favourite Pokémon game is Platinum and these both look to be just as good as that.
In other news I've completed LBP 2 and I'm currently playing through Mass Effect 2 on PS3 as well. On the Xbox front I've complete both Mass Effect 1 and 2 and have been playing Dragon Age Origins on that.
I, also recently acquired a copy of Persona 4, so thats been taking up some of my time as well, but recently most of my time has been taken up by trying to complete Pokémon Soul Silver (all 16 badges, defeating Red optional) before Black and White comes out, since I got it on release day with Heart Gold, and I've finished that :lol: I'm at Goldenrod City and I'm about to take on Whitney, the Goldenrod Gym leader, my party for now is:

Bayleef - Lv 25
Quilava - Lv 25
Croconaw - Lv25
Graveler - Lv 25
Pidgeotto - Lv 25
Flaaffy - Lv 25

My party will probably stay largely the same until it comes to the point when they evolve, in which case it will be the evolved forms, with the only possibility of a change being Graveler for Gible as Garchomp is my favourite Pokémon :P And if you were wondering why they are all Lv 25, its because it leaves little room for weak links if all my Pokémon are the same level, it could also be an OCD thing I have (not quite sure on that :lol: )

Well, thats all I have to say for now and as always, I've probably missed stuff out. So until next time, Catch you later.

Thats A Door, Not A Wall

Hey all, so you did you all have a nice new year? Hope you didn't get too wasted :P :lol: So its pretty back to normal for me, I started back college last week and most classes for this semester are coming to a close. Theres still a couple weeks left until the new one and I've already applied for a course for next year which starts in September. I know that sounds a long way off but 3D Animation a really popular course and its a first come first served basis. Hopefully I get a place and then pass the course I'm on the now to get on that one so wish me luck for the rest of the year :D

I mentioned in my last blog that I was heading up to Dundee for the day and I managed to get exactly what I was going for and more. First thing I got was the Guitar Hero complete band package so I now have 2 guitars, drums and a microphone for it. I've been pretty much annoying the hell out of my family with the drum kit as i'm always on it :lol: Luckily for me my sister doesn't know I have a mic for it as she likes to think shes a good singer (theres nothing good about scratching your nails down a chalk board, thats how bad she is :lol: ) The other couple of things I picked up were from this stall in the Overgate Shopping Centre that was selling all kinds of Anime memorabilia. The first thing I got was this wall scroll type thing.

I know what you're thinking, thats a door not a wall :P

A cookie for anyone who can guess who this is :P As soon as I saw this I had to get it, its just pretty awesome and I love this character from the Anime shes in. I also picked up this

Sorry for the picture being a bit blurry, I have unsteady hands lol. I got this figure of Maka Albarn from Soul Eater as well. Soul Eater is one the best anime's I've seen and Maka is one of the best characters from it, the unfortunately didn't have Soul who is my favourite character, but Maka is holding Soul's Scythe form so in a way I guess I do have him :lol: I plan on going back to Dundee for D-Con in March, so I may go and check to see if the stall is still there. Last Monday I went to see Tron Legacy.

I pretty much only knew about Tron thanks to Kingdom Hearts II and when I first saw a trailer for this I immediately wanted to see it. The movie was really great and the CGI Jeff Bridges that played CLU looked exactly like he did from the first Tron. The Light Cycle Battle was epic and the Disk Battles were awesome and looked like so much fun :D I now can't wait for someone to invent a real Light Cycle since I really want one :lol:

Gaming Update
As I mentioned earlier, I got the complete band package for Guitar Hero, so I've been playing the drums on that quite a bit. The other night I managed to complete Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes 100% on expert difficulty, It probably the easiest song on the game for drums, but 100% on expert is still an awesome achievement :D With the money and vouchers I got for Christmas I got Red Dead Redemption on PS3

I got this last Friday, and after playing it for just over a week I can understand why it won so many awards in the GOTY. I thought it was going to win GOTY because it won so many different catagories. I'm about 40% through the story and I've done a fair amount of Stranger quests and other side missions. I also got

I haven't finished the first yet but I think I'm pretty close to the end. I got this because it was on sale and it was cheap, so I'll wait until I've finished the first then start this. I also pre-ordered the PS3 version which is released next Friday, so I'll hopefully have finished the first by then. On Thursday my pre-order of Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded came a day early so I've been playing that when I can because I haven't had much time over the last couple of days.

I've only just arrived at Wonderland which is the 3rd world you visit. My expectation for this game was actually not that high considering how much I love Kingdom Hearts, but I'm pleased to say that the game is actually better than what I thought it would be. The only issue I have with it so far is the camera, which is absolutely terrible to control, but other than its actually really good. Lastly, i finally got my copy of Gran Turismo 5, which I was supposed to get for Christmas, but the store was out of stock every time my auntie went to get it.

Its not the best racing game I've played, but its not the worst either (that accolade belongs to NFS Shift) Again, I'm not too far into it, I only have my National B license and I've only done 6 or 7 of the beginner events, but impressions are that its a good solid racer and that I have to play more of it to get more of a feel for it. The special events are great and my favourite one so far is racing around the Top Gear Test Track in a hippie van (Volkswagen Sambabus to give it its proper name :P) It was just such an awesome sight to see 12 of these going around the Hammerhead corner :lol:

I think thats enough from me for today I might be back with another blog next week so until then catch you later :D

Only 362 Days Left Until Christmas!!!

Hey all (no I'm not dead, though I'm sure a lot of people wish I was :P) I feel its time to write my (very) long overdue blog.
Yes, you did read right, it is only 362 days left until Christmas (at time of writing) so best be quick in getting your presents in :lol: So did everyone have a good Christmas? Was Santa good to you or were you on the naughty list? :lol: I had a pretty decent one in case you were wondering and I received the usual stuff like clothes and money, I also got an iPod Touch which I'm extremely happy about since my old one was fairly old. In the games department I got Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition on 360 and my first Guitar Hero games!!! I got Warriors of Rock and Guitar Hero 5, both on Wii since my mum didn't know if I had a 360 or PS3 and knew I definitely had a Wii, and I'm having a lot of fun with those especially seeing as my sister likes to think shes ood when in actuality she always gets booed off stage :lol: I heading up to Dundee with my uncle tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get the complete band package for myself since I'm more of drummer :D
Also as a side note I got my pre-ordered copy of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World the day before Christmas so I was happy with that since it wasn't due for release until Monday 27th :)

Other Games In the Time Betwixt and Between.

Bonus points if you can guess the reference just made :D. Since my last log I've got so many games most of which I've completed so to start with I'll mention Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II on 360.

I got the special edition and I was really disappointed with the length of the game, It was only about 4 - 5 hours worth of gameplay not to mention that I still don't actually know if the Starkiller of the game is the real one or not due to the ending I chose. Other than that It was a decent enough game, controls are largely the same, with the only exception being that you now have dual Lightsabers and the use of the mind control technique (which is so much fun making stormtroopers kill themselves by jumping into laser barriers :D) Overall, nothing has really changed from the first game and if you like the first then you'll probably like this one too. Next we move on to Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

As you may or may not know, I got the limited Codex edition from Play and I got it on PS3 purely because of the chance for the multiplayer beta (as mentioned in a previous blog) This game was a lot of fun to play and the multiplayer aspect is really good and competitive. The story, again seemed a little short and the ending was really unexpected (I won't spoil it for those who haven't played it yet) I don't like the fact that you're confined to the one city (Rome) As big as Rome is, It didn't feel like you had to do much exploration. When I first heard about the mutiplayer aspect of the game, I thought that it was just Ubisoft trying to appeal to people who only play games with online multiplayer, but after playing the beta I think that its actually a good addition to the series and hopefully we'll be seeing it in future games of the series. I also got Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on the same day.

Again I got the Limited Edition, although I never intended to. When I went into Game with the pre-order slip, the girl gave me the limited edition instead of the normal and she didn't even charge any extra, so I wasn't complaining :P Anyway, onto the game itself and first of all I have to say that its a massively huge improvement on Shift. Its just better in so many aspects and is just so much fun to play as either a cop or racer and wreck the other in the hot pursuits either in career mode or online, the only complaint about career mode I have is the rapid responses you have to do as a cop, and the fact that if you touch either the wall or another car you get a time penalty which makes it harder to beat a certain time. Its just really frustrating when you get to the end of the course and you collide with another car and lose out on the best time possible because of it. lastly I got Sonic Colours and Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii, and I have to say both are unbelievably good games. Sonic Colours is easily the best Sonic game for a long time and DKCR is a solid return to action for Donkey Kong and his little buddy Diddy Kong.

I think thats enough from this time and I'll try to be more frequent with my blog updates, but I'm not promising anything though :P So yeah.... (Scott Pilgrim reference FTW :lol: ) I may be back on January 1st with another blog and my first of the new year. I may also look back at my favourite games of this year tell what I'm looking forward to for next year so until then, have a happy new year and I'll see you in 2011 :D

Fun With Ninjas

Hey all, first of I want to say that I started a new youtube channel for different things pertaining to games and for my first video I did an unboxing the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Collector's Edition.
Thats the link to the video so of wouldn't mind checking it my channel out and commenting on the video or subscribing to the channel if it interests you even a little that would be great :D

So I have the week of college this week because its the October Holidays, so I'm hoping to just kick back and play a lot of games and watch some anime :)

On to the games section and Sonic 4 Episode 1 was released this week and its everything I've been wanting in a new Sonic game. The visuals are beautiful, the gameplay is simple and sticks to the ****c Sonic formula and its just all round awesome. I just can't believe that GameSpot only gave it 6.5, I haven't read the review yet I only seen what they gave it and I couldn't believe it when I seen it.

Next up, as I mentioned earlier I got Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Collector's Edition, and its the first Naruto game I've played that isn't from Ubisoft since the only other Naruto games I've played were Rise of a Ninja and the Broken Bond. I have to say that I enjoyed the RPG elements of those games but Storm 2 has a lot of good elements as well. The fight areas are massive with a lot of room for moving and avoiding your opponents moves. The combat is easy to grasp as the X/Square buttons are for throwing Shuriken and other projectiles, the Y/Triangle buttons charge your chakra and can be used in conjunction with the B/O buttons to use your Ninjutsu, ultimate Ninjutsu and Team Ultimate Ninjutsu and the B/O buttons on their own are used for simple melee attacks while the A/X buttons is the jump buttons. You also get to use support actions with the LB/L1 and RB/R1 buttons and these are performed by other members of your squad. Its a really good game well worth getting if you've played previous Naruto games.

Well thats all from me this time, so if you could even just check out the video that would be great :) So, catch you all later ;)

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Beta Key

So yeah, I blogged a couple months ago about how I pre-ordered AC Brotherhood on PS3 and because of that I get access to the beta, well turns out since i have PS Plus I get access to the Beta as well. This leads me to ask if anyone wants the extra key I got sent from Ubisoft to try the beta for themselves. Just mail me and the first one I recieve will get the key. I'll only mail one person so if you don't receive any mail from me then it would be safe to assume you weren't the first :P

Gaming Update
So were finally into October and I've already got a new game, in fact I got it on the 1st :lol: That game would happen to be Fifa 11 and in my opinion it HAS to be the best one yet.

I also got Dead Rising 2 on PS3 towards the end of last month. I wasn't planning on getting it but I was tempted to get the 360 version. The deal was sealed when I went into HMV and seen that they were giving away a free Blu-Ray of Zombieland if you bought the PS3 version :D Zombieland was a movie I wanted to see badly when it first came out so I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity of getting it on Blu-Ray for free when it should've cost £19.99 :lol:
Moving back to this month and on to new pre-orders I've pre-ordered Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 both on 360. I've played the demo for Naruto and it was pretty good, and I've played the first Force Unleashed and thought it was a great game, I especially liked the fact that Starkiller wielded his Lightsaber backhand which is something you don't see very often :P

I think thats all from me but I can't shake the feeling that there was something else I wanted to say :P Oh well never mind. Remember to mail me here on GS if you want the Beta Key and catch ye later :D

Big Birthday Blog

Hey all, its that tme of the year again, the day when I grow one year older. Yup, its my birthday, so cookies for everyone :lol: Today i turned 19, so its not really an important or big birthday or anything, but hey a birthday's a birthday :P All I got was clothes an money since all the games I that are out I pretty much already have, but the money I got will probably go towards any games I have pre-ordered (which is a few :lol: ), or re-taking driving lesson or both (probably both).
Moving on, I started back to college a couple weeks ago and its going pretty good. The course I'm doing is digital media computing and its pretty decent. Unfortunately its not the course I wanted since I didn't pass last year, so I never got offered a place, but life goes on and the way I see it, it's only an extra year of study :D

Gaming Update

So first off, I want to say that I finally got to 10,000 Gamerscore last weekend. The game that got me to this milestone was The Force Unleashed and i'm already well on my way to 15,000.

Next thing is I got Metroid: Other M a day before release date and I managed to finish the story within a day. Other M has to be one of my favourite Metroid games thanks to the mix of gameplay. A lot of people are complaining about the fact that Samus has been given a voice, or that her voice doesn't suit the character (I for one thought the same when I first heard her) but playing through the game, it grows on you and eventually you come to think that it suits Samus.

The week after Other M was released, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep was released. This game was the main reason I got a PSP and I pre-ordered the special edition as soon as I heard about it. Again it came a day before release and, I have to say it is one extremely good game. I started off playing as Terra and I only finished his story on Thursday, I'm now about half way through Ven's story with Aqua's story still to be played, but I haven't had much time to play it with college starting back and all.
I bought Transformers: War for Cybertron a couple weeks back as well after a friend showed me some gameplay videos of it. Its a really good game with online multiplayer that I actually like playing (that coming from someone who's not a big fan of online multiplayer is saying something :lol: ) The main story also does a good job of telling the story of about how the destruction of Cybertron came about.
I also picked up a copy of Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions on PS3 on Friday and I only have 4 missions left to play. Its a pretty good game and worth a try even if you're not completely interested in comics (I'm not a huge fan of comics, I'm more of a graphic novel and manga type of guy :P).
Sonic Adventure was finally released on XBLA last week and I had it downloaded ASAP. My uncle had the original on Dreamcast and it was all I ever played on it, but he sold it before I managed to complete every story. It feels awesome playing it again and remembering most of the stuff that i'm doing from years ago.

Other Stuff

I got a hold of the last 3 Scott Pilgrim books and neither of them disappointed and if you were to ask which was my favourite then I would tell you that I couldn't really choose between them :P.
I think thats about all from me so until next time, catch you later.

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