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A majority is >50%, almost all as we established is 80-90%.  It is kind of sad that you can't defend/support your claim without resorting to name calling. I guess that should make me question your claims of having written several papers on the subject.


There is no number value for subjective terms like "almost all" so by the fact that you think it has to mean concretely 80-90% means you have perhaps a cognitive or intellectual disability.


Also majority means anything over 50%, so something can be the majority of something while also being almost all of something.

As you stated above you would say that 80% is almost all. Hence my number value. But once again you have resorted to insults instead of properly defending your point, which is rather sad for someone who claims to have written multiple papers on the subject. Good day.

stop grasping at straws. 

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Lemme guess...Your name's Archie? 

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Japanese and CHinese are 1a and 1b.

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Just to spite the haters, I hope they do well in sales :D

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Anyone who understands the business knew it was overvalued at $38.

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People are too sensitive nowadays.

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Depends on how drunk she is.

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Avatar the Last Airbender won't even crack in the top 50 best anime/manga out there.

Its a great show but extremely overrated.


You are delusional. What do you count in the top 50?

I can provide you with a list of my own if you want.

Instead, I'll just send you 2 lists to start off - both lists are outdated so there should be more by now.

Of course, that did not include the many Gundam iterations (Wing, Seed, OO), several shounen anime like Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, HxH, Ruruouni Kenshin, Lupin III, Detective Conan and other iconic animes like Doraemon, etc.

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Why do I love western cartoons more? Simply because there are more of them, a wider variety of them


I don't think you know how many anime there are out there and how many different kinds.

Oh, I know, don't get me wrong. You can't have the same friends I do and not know about separate types of anime (They are all obsessed with it. If there was ever a definition for weaboo, they fit it to a T. One of them wears cat ears everywhere). It's just they almost all fall into the same categories: Martial Arts anime with crazy attacks and upgrades using inhuman weaponry and abilities, the mecha-anime/cyberpunk anime, The anime about the tortured soul, The anime that follows japanese history loosely, the anime that follow it too closely, the anime that follows Japanese mythology, anything by Miyazaki, the anime that follows that one person trying to defend a person, country, or the world, the anime that somehow connects to European history, or the anime that glorifies a children's game. It's not that I don't find them entertaining, it's that there are not that many in English dub (I hate subtitles) and they are never as witty or crazy as Western cartoons. The ones that are witty are either copying another anime's style of jokes and delivery or never get dubbed. Dragonball is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, but it seems like FLCL, Durarara, Bobobo, etc. just copied the crazy humor.

Animes can have as many subgenres as movies -

Slice of Life
School Life
Martial Arts

The fact you stereotype all "martial arts" anime as the same is also wrong. You cannot put an umbrella on a genre. Are Naruto, DBZ, One Piece, HxH and Yu Yu Hakusho all the same? For Mechas/Sci-fi, Code Geass, Gundam and Macross are different as much as Star Wars and Star Trek are different from each other.