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    hello, welcome to the 360! Kinect games that are good include Dance Central 1-3, Kinect Sports 1 and Season 2. the Just Dance series and perhaps Child of Eden. Unfortunately, there are very little t...

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    5 years of friendship the "Friend-a-Day" quest

    hello, everybody (or pony, if you prefer). Since I started this blog, my words have been in my fictional persona of "Nirvana Sparkle", the stories are real however. So for this blog, I wanted to be Li...

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    power is not all.. Why I chose Xbox One

    Welcome back, everypony to the Blog of Harmony! i know its been awhile, had a lot to think about lately. But a friend on Xbox Live criticized me for my choice of Xbox One over PS4. I of course had to ...

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    after 25 years, there is no defense for this.

    Of all the games I play every year, Madden has always brought joy to me. but this year however, its been hard to find joy in this. Madden NFL 25 is everything the NFL is, that unfortunately means tha...

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    yes it was, and indeed the CGI inproved by the end. Glad to get you thinking about it again. Code Lyoko is underrated.
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    "The Curse of Code Lyoko." The fall of Cartoon Network

    Hello, everypony let me tell you a story, The year is 2002, Cartoon Network is on top of the world, thanks to great in house s hows like "Billy & Mandy", "Ben 10" and others. Also in that year, Ca...

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    co-opting out

    Before I get on-topic here, let me say that I'm old-school when it comes to games. I grew up playing the NES and other retro consoles, mostly alone, by myself on a big wooden big screen t.v with spott...

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    3 years of pony: a new brony viewpoint

    three years ago today, the HUB Network began airing nationwide. The family-friendly network did not have much, the most notable show it had was "Atomic Betty" a show that Cartoon Network had given up ...

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