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How to max out sneaking skill in a single mission.

Mission: Trouble in Skyrim
Location: Falkreath dungeon - chamber of the leader of the Graywater Gorge
This is small trick that I have experimented. You need to kill all the enemies and come towards the chamber where the leader reside. There is an iron door which you need to go through in order to come to the chamber. Before you go inside, just remember to make a save. Now here comes the interesting part. Make sure you are in sneak stance. Now open the door as you can see 3 stone steps directly in front of you. That marks the border of your snaking ground. Carefully approach and wait inside chamber right beside the iron door till all the enemies are settle down on the upper quarter on the far side of the chamber. Now all you have to do is sneak back and forth as no one see you yet you can see them standing still on the far side. But be careful not to go beyond 3 stonesteps. Tell me the results and dont forget to follow me on twitter @RealNirman and facebook. Happy snaking!!

My new FB Profile

Its been quite a while now since I last posted here.. I hv been busy with my work lately. But every once in while i drop by Gamespot to be in touch with one of the largest Gaming communities around the Globe. I just created a new FB account and I just wanted you guys to join with me as a friend. :)

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Busy with my studies

Work, work, work, man I'm very busy with my studies nowadays. Haven't get much time to spend in gamespot as well as Hellhoundz Lair. Please forgive me if I'm not replied to your requests:(

My new Videos

I uploaded Spider Man Web of Shadows and Halo Wars Videos. I want to know your thoughts about them.
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