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Weekly Buzz: Lamar the Magic Metroid


We're gonna keep it musical and retro here at the Weekly Buzz. This song is not as crazy as The World Warrior but it's just as good. This video comes from the folks at Screw Attack for their "Life In A Game" feature. Now, I'm not sure what Life In A Game is or can I be bothered to go find out. All I know is that Metroid + Puff the Magic Dragon = awesome!!

Weekly Buzz: The World Warrior


This week's Weekly Buzz is breaking the Halo 3 streak and heads down the path to nostalgia. This week we bring you an original song paying homage to Street Fighter II. For the most part, it's in Japanese. But it really shouldn't hamper your fondness of the song.

Weekly Buzz: The GunStop Way


The Weekly Buzz returns! Another Weekly Buzz, another Halo 3 video. Let's keep this streak going with a parody of GameStop, Halo 3 machimia style.

Also, a quick note, I was gonna actually stop doing this and contributing to GameSpot all together. But I got a PM from guitarman89 today asking where the Weekly Buzz was. And that inspired me to continue. But that being said, the Weekly Buzz will be my only contribution to GameSpot here on out. I have simply become fed up with GameSpot. So, don't expect any blog posts other than these or for me to comment in the blogs. So, you can stick around this blog if you enjoy the videos. But don't expect anything back unfortunately.

Don't download the Halo 3 maps!

I hope I caught you before you stated your Halo playing frenzy with the addition of the new Legendary map pack. But if you havn't, good. Don't.

Instead, here's what you do:

1. Go to your local Circuit City.

2. Pre-order Ninja Gaiden 2

3. Give the cashier your email address.

4. Return home

5. Go to your computer, click your browser and go to your e-mail hosting web site of choice and sign in.

6. In there, you should find an email from Circuit City.

7. Open it.

8. Inside should be a code for the Halo 3 Legendary map pack. Take that code and input it into your Xbox 360 console.

9. Play Halo 3.

10. Proof.

Weekly Buzz: Gal, Guy and Villain


The trend of great Halo 3 machinima continues. In this video, Guy and Gal go on a date which is soon interrupted by Villian. So, of course, Guy goes on an adventure to save Gal, leading Guy through various classic games.

This is getting old...

Well, if you noticed I haven't been on GameSpot in a while. The reason being I served a two day suspension. The reason? Posting the news story of the Xbox 360 controller that blatantly rips off the Wi-mote in the Wii board. Ok, I get that some people may thing this is "outside the discussion" of the Wii board. I understand that since, technically, it's not concerning the Wii but even so, I think this is still something Wii fans would like to hear. That's not the point. The point is the two days suspension is just ridiculous. Ok, if it is indeed out of the discussion, you lock the thread, you add a post that says "Post this somewhere else" and you move on. It wasn't like it was COMPLETELY outside of the topic of the board. It wasn't like I made a post like "I LIKE WAFFLES! Do you like waffles too?". I can see where the problem there is. But, I mean, jesus christ, a little harsh. No?

As for the actual suspension, I didn't really care. I've moved on to bigger and better things to do with my time, other than GameSpot. The thing that got me pissed off was the reasoning behind it. I know a lot of you are gonna say things like "Rules are rules, n00b!" So, I'm sorry if I found the whole thing a tad ridiculous. And this is nothing new with GameSpot. This site has, by far, the strictest rules of any gaming site I've seen. But, whatever, GameSpot. I'm sure Giant Bomb will understand.

Weekly Buzz: Live Action Duck Hunt


Welcome to the first installment in my weekly feature, the Weekly Buzz. For the record, this name comes from a comment someone made to me a while back that my username sounded like a drug.

In this week's installment, we take a trip to Anime Boston 2008 and a live action Duck Hunt skit. Now, since this is ANIME Boston, expect some anime references thrown in for good measure. Enjoy.

4 years at GameSpot

4 years at GameSpot and still not level 30 and only 6000 posts. What the hell have I been doing with my time here?!

But, yeah, 4 years ago today, I signed up for GameSpot. It feels like I've been here much longer. It's too bad about the state the website is in right now. But, I still believe in you guys. Oh, and to my defense, I was actually level 30 a few weeks ago but I got moderated for a points loss and was knocked back to 29.:|

I don't really know what else to say so I'll just wrap it up before I start rambling.


For Tax Reasons


The following video is by animation duo For Tax Reasons, consisting of Ben Levin and Matt Burnett. Basically, they make cartoons. And this one is especially hilarious. It's about a dad who discovers his son has been taken over by the evils of Final Fantasy. Sorry for the ad in the middle. Fortunately, it's AWESOME! So after the cartoon and the awesome ad, you'll be treated to a behind the scenes look at what goes into making these cartoons.

Also, I'm thinking of making this a weekly thing. Every week, I'll post a new video and you'll be like "That's awesome! HAHAH!". I'm thinking I'll do the videos on Sundays to start the week. So, I need some help from you, the 3 to 5 people who read this blog! First off, do you think that's a good idea? Second, I need a name for the feature if I'm to do it. So, throw some suggestions my way.:)