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Draw Your Favourite Nintendo Characters on Paint: The BLOG

If you have any Nintendo related art you would like to share, feel free to post the link here!

The topic that many had enjoyed has been locked by the mods for "Outside of Board Description." Well, i said in the thread that i would pick the best ones and put them in the main post, but now i can't >_>. So I decided to move it to the blog. I am only putting the top 5 ARTISTIC ONES here, but do not forget to check out the thread still since there are still many other good ones that didn't make it, and some really bad ones that give a good laugh :P. Here is the topic.

In no necessary order....

A Case of the Mondays Mario by CanadianEh


Luigi! by ZumaJones07

CD-I Legend of Zelda King by lancea34

Wario by toadster101

8-Bit Mario by despa1r_fact0r

Honorable mentions go to danger_ranger95 and forgot_it, their paintings were supposed to be on here but the "No HTML forms were found" message with their pictures so i replaced them :P. And J_Ford for his awesome sketches of various Nintendo and video game characters! I didn't put his here because they had to be made on paint and there were far too many to post on this blog. These are all the more reason to visit the thread and check out the other awesome ones that didn't make it!