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Level 60

Apparently I'm now Master Chief, which is just about as ironic as it gets.

Quick question, if level 30 permits you for entrance into the Echelon of the Gamespot Elite, what does level 60 do? >__>

Holy crap is this a new avatar?

It is! :o Yeah, after about a year and a half (I've had my old avatar since Dec 7th of 07 O_o), I have a new avatar, and one that doesn't have Ike in it either. I find this blog worthy because I do believe that most Gamespotters have come to recognize me by that image, and in many ways has become my identity on the internet (it's been my avatar in all other forums I'm on as well). I tend to have avatars for a very long time (aside from my Ike avatar before my last one), so expect to see this one around for a while as well.

For anyone that cares, here are all of my avatars in order (as well as when I had them).


September 17th, 2005 - August 3rd, 2007


August 3rd 2007 - December 7th, 2007


December 7th, 2007 - July 17th, 2009

The reason the first two are so small is because that's how big our avatars used to be. I'd imagine a lot of you guys weren't around back then (that's part of the reason why I changed to the second Ike avatar, because I changed avatars then GS made them bigger).

So there's a little unimportant history for you. :P

And my hard work has paid off (AP Scores)

AP Scores are in and here are my results:

AP Psychology - 5
AP English - 3
AP US History - 3

So I passed all 3 of my AP tests this year, and I acutally got a 5/5 on my Psych test. :D:D:D I knew that I passed it, but I never though I'd get a 5. I'm just ecstatic right now.

I'm back... and I gave into Facebook

As nobody probably knew (seeing as I didn't say anything :P), I went off to Boys State last week and I returned earlier today. The experience that Boys State provided for me is something that I will never forget, and in one week I grew closer to a group of 30+ people than I am with many of my friends that I've known for years. If anybody ever gets a chance to go to their state's Boys State, I cannot say anything but, "Go." I promise you that you will not regret it. I've learned a lot more than just government stuff; things that I will remember forever.

Which brings me to Facebook. Since I knew I'd probably never see my cabin mates again, I needed someway to stay in contact with them, and since most of them have a Facebook, I decided I'd give into social networking and make a Facebook. If any of you guys are interested, drop by my profile and send me an invite. ;)

These past few weeks have been pretty interesting...

My life's been pretty crazy since my last blog post. I won't go into the more personal details, since that whole story has quite the background to it. Long story short, a girl and I liked each other, we both had our first kisses together, we dated, went to prom together, and somewhere between the kiss and prom something went bad and now we're apart, and she more than likely hates me now (even though she dumped me). Can't say I'm all that upset though. Prom was pretty cool, even if whatever amount of time the two of us spent together was fake, but I still got to hang around with my friends who I don't see much anymore. I'd still like to be friends with her, but I was so miserable and stressed when we were together that there's just nothing left for her now. I definitely learned a few things from the whole ordeal, and I just hope that I can calm things down a bit so I can move on.

Anyway, I finished my last AP test today :D. Of the three I had (AP US, Psychology, and English), English was definitely the worst, and thankfully the last for this year (4 more coming next year though :P). The only one I know for sure that I passed was the Psychology test, and frankly it was the only one I cared about. I might have even goten a 4 on it (AP tests are on a 5 level scale if you didn't know that, and a 4 is phenominal) :o. I won't know for sure though until later this summer, so there isn't much left for me to do other than finish up what's left of school. Luckily, since AP classes are only intended to prepare you for the AP test, that means that I basically only have 3 classes now for the rest of the year. :D

This Friday we have a half day of school (:D) because of a festival my town holds every year around this time. If you've been reading, you'd understand why my plans might be a little bit different now than before :P. So I'm probably just going to hang out with some friends and just screw around like last year.

Gaming wise, I have hardly even played Okami or TWEWY at all. I'm really not seeing what's so great in either of them, and I find myself playing Brawl, Guitar Hero, and Pokemon more than both of them whenever I get to the chance to sit down and play some video games. I'm going to get around to playing them more eventually, but they're just not holding my interest.

For those of you that have read this, thanks for listening. :) I appreciate it.

Pic of the blog.


Crunch time...

So with AP tests coming up within the next couple weeks, any and all AP classes will be rushing to get through the material to prepare kids for the tests. The bad news? I've got three of them. So that means, work, work, work, work... you get the idea. Basically, I've never had so much homework in my life than I've had this week, and I know it's not going to get better.It sucks having so many games now that I can't even play (just look at my now playing list, and that's missing Ogre Battle on the VC, which I still haven't even downloaded yet >_>).

But hey, at least after the AP tests are over, I only have 3 more classes I'll acutally be doing something in. :P W00t.

You all know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, I just got back from playing basketball, and I ended up breaking a guys nose. >__> I feel absolutely awful about the whole thing, cause I've had the same thing happen to me a couple years ago, and I bled for 4 or 5 hours. He kept on playing after the bleeding stopped (obviously the break wasn't too bad) but still. :(

Pic of the blog.


Well happy belated birthday

To me. :P And before we get started, I didn't forget my birthday, I was rather busy yesterday and I couldn't have checked up here if I had wanted to. :P Be warned if you continue reading you will be exposed to my incredible self-centeredness. :P

Anyway, yesterday I went out earlier in the morning to get my level 3 license (pretty much no more driving restrictions 8)) then went out to gorge myself at Bob Evans for lunch. Later I came back, had a friend dropped off at my house, left to go pick up two more friends (to keep count, that's a total of 3 friends and me if you're getting confused :P), and went out of town to the mall to mess around up there and see Observe and Report. The weather wasn't exactly great (rainy, since it's Spring Break >_>), but I'm not just tooting my own horn when I say I'm a pretty good driver.

The movie was pretty good as far as I'm concerned, but it didn't have as many great funny moments as I had expected from Seth Rogen (still had several). The movie itself did have some surprises actually, the fact that I was surprised by a plot twist in a Seth Rogen movie being one of them. :P Overall, it's a pretty solid film, I'd say 7.5/10. Afterwards, we walked around the mall and I picked up Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for $20 for Mother's Day (she loves shows like Law & Order and CSI so she should enjoy it ;)).

When we get back to my house one of my friends has to leave because he's going to a trip and he's leaving early in the morning, which leaves two friends and myself left for the rest of the night. So we basically just played Guitar Hero all night (on Expert, because we're men :P), and watched random youtube videos, but not after watching one of my new movies, Religulous. Since my friends that were there were both atheist, like myself, we had a good ole' time. :P Hilarious movie.

After my friends left this morning, I came back to receive my presents (I don't like opening presents in front of other people, it just seems kind of like eating something in front of a starving person). I got:

The World Ends With You
$25 Itune Card
Wii Points Card
One of those seemingly unsafe pull up bars that hangs on a door frame (Lifting weights is just too tedious)
The Spirit (w/ digital copy :D)
Regular socks (not wool this year guys, but they're much appreciated anyway :P)
An awesome white suit (pics and explanation later :P)

Anyway, as far as birthdays go (and so far Spring Break), 17 was the best despite the weather. There has not been a day, besides today, where I haven't been hanging out with a friend, and it looks like the rest of break is going to be like that, which I really wouldn't mind because of AP tests coming up and my 5 page paper that I need done by May 1st :P.

So that white suit? Well it's for a video my friend is making to submit to a film contest and possibly get a scholarship for, and the suit was a necessary part. Why? Because I'm acting as Colonel Sanders 8). Below is a picture to the whole outfit, obviously with me inside. ;)

I've got plenty more pictures, including some where I'm holding a replica Master Sword, but I didn't think anyone would enjoy that. :P

Pic of the Blog. :P


Updates, updates, updates

Well I haven't blogged in almost a month now, so I figured I'd make a new one. Novel idea right?

Anyway, yesterday I saw the hyped to hell and back movie the Watchmen. While it wasn pretty good, it certainly left me wanting more out of 2 hour and 40 minute adventure. I feel like they had way too much filler, and I really didn't see a whole lot of progression in the story. The fight scenes aren't even that good either, but there are some pretty brutal parts in the movie and the director made damn sure that you see some gruesome acts of violence, as well as some nudity. That R rating was certainly justified.

While on the topic of reviews, my Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon review went up yesterday. Enjoy.

As for me and GS, I can't really see myself being on that much anymore. I'm getting slammed with homework right now, and until AP exams in May, I'm going to have a minimum of 2 hours of homework basically every night. But the good news is that after mid May I'm basically not going to have any work at all, so those final weeks of school are going to be pretty lazy. While on the subject of AP tests, I'm seriously going to try to my hardest to get a 5 on the Psychology exam. Psych is easily my favorite subject, and it's something I've picked up so easily compared to other c|asses like History and English (my other AP c|asses oddly enough). I'd really love to get a 5, and I think that I'm capable of doing so, but I need to start studying now if I'm going to, which leads me to my next topic.

My time put into GS should be dropping here again soon. If you bothered to read the above paragraph, you should understand why. The wheather is getting better now too, so I'll be out and about a bit more, especially since my social life might be going through a bit of a change here soon, but more on that later. Plus, I still need my gaming fix every now and then, so that really doesn't leave me with a whole lot of time to hop on.

So that social life thing? Yeah, it's a girl. Wish me luck.


Nah just kidding. :P Here's my funny pic of the blog.