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Its been a veiw months

the lock is 35

created new Rogue lvl 52 wanting to get to 55 by X-mas when i hopefully get wotlk and create a Dk


so about a month ago i got the famous world of warcraft and the burning crusade i start with a blood hunter last a blogged was when he was at lvl 6 now he is lvl 22 and i start to hate the class so i switched to a warrior traeun and ditched him at lvl 21 now i found my favorite class a warlock mine is undead at lvl 15 and hopfully will make it to lvl 70 butdo any of u if u play wow ditched some character before finding one u like and sticking with him or is that just me.

I got WoW

i got WoW a few days ago and so did my friend at gamespot im Blood Elf Hunter lvl.6 and my name is Axelninja so if you want to go do something in the game just sent your name in the game or message me here at gamespot


A few days ago i was thinking to my self that life is been suckish lately. First a got a bad report card so my dad took away my video games all of them. So even though thats my fault im still uber pissed off and been mostly watching youtube videos, playing my guitar, going on the internet alot and watching southpark. So anyway its close to june 22nd and alot of stuff is comeing out there.

OK thats it so click here --->

lego indy and some oth3r stuff

i was just looking at the new lego indy game and have say its looking pretty good and will get it for wii or PsP. i loved the star wars lego games they were awesome played though them both and even got complete saga for my ds(which was a little suckish but only cuz of bad graphics and a few bugs). I only have one question is there gonna be like in star wars were there made a real game for the movies and made a lego one or are they just making one game. But the movie if they made one will suck most likely. So now to the ''other stuff'' a saw that a pokemon platuim weaseled its way on to the most pop game list on the ds page very cystalesque or yellowesque so not really that stroaked but its okay. Also waiting for the new GH:on tour for the ds, but today i was thinking i think that GH and rockband are going a little to far money wise i mean coughing up almost 200$ + new songs on the marketplace u could just get a cheap guitar and maybe god forbid learn a real skill. Still if the ds one get a good scrore, has a good track list , and is 50$ or under ill buy just so a have something fun to do in the car or bus with good music.

I'm Back

Im finally back after 2 months, So i want brawl so bad but i hadnt gotten it yet cuz i have no $$$ so im at a loss. But did got pursuit force EJ a while back and i give it a 9.0 its a very good game if you like none stop action acrade like(which i do). I cant wait for devil may cry for the PsP and Sercet Agent clank too. So im going to watch On the spot bye.
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