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RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi (1927-2013), former Nintendo president


I may be criticized for writing this because, I admit, looking back in Nintendo's past history, they did some controversial things back in the NES to N64 (though let's be honest, some things under Iwata's role warrants criticism as well) era that I did not like (his treatment towards Sony while the PlayStation was being developed as an add-on for the SNES was a major one and backing of censorship was another) and at one point, thought stuck out more compared to anything else. But as a longtime Nintendo fan SINCE the SNES, I can't help but write this because even I have to admit that Hiroshi Yamauchi also did some good for Nintendo. DAMN GOOD I might add.

He helped get gaming consoles back in the business with the NES, he hired Shigeru Miyamoto (who's in quite a controversial point right now) and the late Gunpei Yokoi. He even gave up his retirement pensions to Nintendo saying that Nintendo could put it to better use, and I can still respect all that.

RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi. :(