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Part of me is happy, yet part of me is mad.

What makes me happy and pissed off at the same time? Here's the source (which is sort of old news considering their release dates are different, but still as recent as I can find due to it being a couple months ago).

Online retailer Amazon lists the North American DVD releases of "Saint Seiya - Sanctuary Classic Complete Collection," "Zatch Bell Collection," and "Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic: Season 2" by New Video Group. The Saint Seiya and Zatch Bell DVD collections are slated for November 5, while Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic: Season 2 is slated for September 10.

The MVD Entertainment Group lists Saint Seiya and Zatch Bell with 12 discs each for US $99.95. Amazon lists Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2 in one US$44.95 set or in two US $24.95 volumes.Anime News Network

I've been wanting to get Zatch Bell! DVDs for a long time. I'm not holding my breath for any uncensored releases although it would be nice, I'd be more then happy to take what I can get considering the edits I watched will still hold my nostalgia well. I can also hope that, since several US Cartoon Network watchers (like me) who were faithful in watching it on Toonami and Miguzi, were shafted while our northern neighbors in Canada got more airings on YTV (though I think Toonami Jetstream aired a bit more than what was shown on CN). Though I can't fully fault Viz Media in not airing all episodes considering Makoto Raiku (Zatch Bell/Gash Bell creator) sued Shogakukan (former affiliate in distributing the series) for lost artwork (Raiku won... to an extent).

But the killer here... the price (and here's where I'm mad). $100 US for a show that didn't have many episodes aired in North America to begin with? Unless you're going to be treating the collection like you're treating the Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection where I can slowly buy it piece-by-piece, that is a bit much.

There's also the slim chance of it not releasing in the UK, but I can overlook that and region encoding. Still sucks though!