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Okay, I can't decide what makes me want to slam my head to the desk more.

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Either Nintendo's announcement of the 2DS (3DS without the 3D and it has one of the worst designs I've seen in Nintendo history since GB Micro).


Robin Thicke's music. Blurred Lines with T.I and Pharrell Williams (who did a co-op with Daft Punk I kind of liked) was awful (it almost sounds like Enrique Iglesias' Tonight with Ludacris) and Give it 2 U with 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar made things worse.

Jeez, I sound like a TGWTG reviewer I've been getting into recently. I'd never thought I'd be talking about Pop Music again since I'm more of a Rock kind of guy, despite one of my favorite band being Flight of the Conchords (which is folk comedy that satirizes more than one genre).

Weird, huh?