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Belated hands on: The Nintendo 3DS

It's been a long wait, but so far, my little brother has gotten a 3DS (I'll get my own soon enough) and, as he let me play it, here are my quick thoughts on it so far.

I like it, especially for one thing, the circle pad. Testing it out on not one but two of my regular DS games, I can say that it feels far more natural to use that even there.

The games I tested it with?

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing 

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing

Admittedly, it gave me a few seconds to get used to (in fact, I lost to Amy Rose), but boy did it feel better than using the D-Pad for driving Sonic's blue car on this game.

Dragon Ball: Origins

 Dragon Ball: Origins

While you can play it like the Zelda DS games and control it with just the stylus, the game also allows D-Pad (and in this case, Circle Pad) support for controlling little Goku while you can just leave the touch controls for combat, which is exactly how I play as I feel it's best. Controlling the young Saiyan has never felt more fluid as when he walks or runs around, it almost feels like most of these DS games that have 3D control were developed with a stick in mind, only to be held out thanks to a D-Pad. Interesting to note is when I slotted this in the system and, as I own the US version, it still recognizes Atari as the publisher, rather than Namco Bandai (who published it here in the UK and Japan).

Unfortunately, it's not region friendly for DS games with DSi features, so I'm still holding on to my DS Lite for that.

Meanwhile, here the first 3DS game I played:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf 

Well, the visuals really do look better for an AC game (which aren't really graphically high games, but they are charming), but it really gives off a better intro seeing that you can pick your own lot to start buidling your home (by paying off Nook of course).

Well, that's it for me here.