As of Tuesday, I am 22 + Revisiting with the Kongs

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On Tuesday this week, I have celebrated the start of my 22nd year of birth, now a year over the US Drinking Age (which, again, I have no plans). I'll share my birthday haul later, but for now...

Recently, I've been replaying two games that, though published by Nintendo, is developed respectively by two different western developers, one from the UK, the other from the US, both starting with the letter 'R'.

Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong 64- Easily one of Rare's black sheep on Nintendo systems (another being Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube, which is also really good), but it's really a good game. Sure being a collect-a-thon is not for everyone, but it's platforming and being the ability to play as five different kongs can be pretty fun. Plus, it's got the original Donkey Kong from the Arcade.

Donkey Kong Country Returns- Still one of my favorite platformers (with Mario, Sonic, Kirby and Rayman) on the Wii and it makes me psyched for it's sequel on Wii U (which got original DKC composer, David Wise, who left Rare a couple years ago, back on board). Recently, I unlocked Mirror Mode. And you thought the main game was hard:

-Reversed perspective (obviously)

-No Diddy Kong

-No inventory use

-Only one heart

Yeah, I recommend stocking up on lives. :P

I'll share what I got for my b-day in the next blog. See ya around!