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2DS - The follow up blog

Well, like I said to GS1994, I was planning a follow up blog on the 2DS ordeal and here it is.

In my last blog, I admit I was very critical of the system, and I still kind of am. Here's what still on my list:

The name: 2DS

Really Ninty? I know this is a cheaper version of the 3DS, but 2DS? Sounds like a cross between DS and 3DS. A complete stepback in hardware.

The design

Arguably, it's one of the least major things for me now, but the design still looks fairly bad to me. There's just something about the dual screens being technically one screen that doesn't sit right with me. Probably because you can't fold it, but eh... whatever.

But reading some of the praise for the hands on and the fact that it's cheaper, I may be able to have a variant of the 3DS finally. I can look over bad design as long as it's bearable, but being said, I do fear how it will fare in sales.