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Two movies of 09 that will be remembered for a VERY long time...


This is not a movie for everyone, some people will hate it, others will love it. One thing is for sure though, It's going to burn in your memory (and i know the pic says 2007 but it's rereleased so.... :P)


This is the ONLY animated movie that had evoked so many emotions since the Lion King. And for good reasons.. this is a bloody good movie.

I hope This Is It will be on the list but yeah... I don't think so..

uni = misery.

I mean really WOW, I 'don't even know how i got this far into uni.. IT SUCKS!! too much stress, and the "awesome" life i was promised by MANY people just isn't coming true. maybe it's because i'm not happy with my major but still....... wow this is bad :|

Japanese people.. not as smart as we think?

Is there really a person in the world who doesn't think that japanese have evolved beyond us poor humans in terms of smartness? The answer is yes.. my mom.

We were having a little chat about technology and how the japanese tend to think outside the box more often and invent new material. I am completely baffled by how good they are, while my mom thinks they are given more credit than they deserve. She said they are geniuses that move technology forward, but they do not invent. I know, crazy right? But here's the challange, she said to come up with three Instruments used in the daily life originally created by Japan. No, TVs won't do as they didn't originate in japan, nor video games, robots, cars, airplanes etc., She wants me to come up with three objects, just three and I would have convinced her...... problem is though i couldn't even find a single one.

I'm asking YOU now, to help me come up with only three instruments that originated in Japan so i can just prove her wrong... and yes this is much harder than it seems.

Apparently, only nerds count when talking about sales, or anything game related

Once upon a time, a man walks into a gaming store. This man wants to know what's the hype with all of this "videogame" craze going on, but sadly he is completely clueless about the market and the industry as a whole. He walks in hoping there will be someone to help him understand this new and exciting entertainment method, but low and behold, a nerd comes to assist him. " Welcome sir! How may i help you?" the nerd says with a big, ugly smile cutting his face, "yes I want to know what's hottest thing in the market right now" The man says, " I want something highly entertaining, and is fit for the entire family". the nerd heard no more, he quickly dragged the man into the PC gaming section to show him the massive library of Online RPGs, RTS and FPS's in store. The man, althoughintrigued, was repelled by the huge amount of money, time anddedicationhe had to put to fully experience it. "don't you have anything .... less complicated?" The man asks. and it was then he saw that cutting smile fade away in a split second. The nerd then drags him to the X360 section where he saw all those games of FPS, RTS and other western focused titles. The man, simply put, was not impressed.

The man told the Nerd that he wanted to see the PS3 section, that he heard a lot of good things about the brand, "you don't want that sir" the nerd replies, "not only is it expensive, but it's just a Blu ray player really come this way please".... but the man was drawn to that system, he saw games like Heavenly Sword and R&C playing in huge screens, and even though the man was convinced that THAT was his system of choice, the nerd still drags him to the handheld section. But again, the man just didn't get it... and then he saw it, a little box that hes people jumping around it playing tennis, he told the nerd he wanted that system.. and pointed on to the Wii. the nerd was caught off guard and quickly says " but sir this is not a good system, it doesn't have any good games on it". but then a Wii fanboy pops up and brags about the AAAEs and the last year GOTY and such, the argument was quickly debunked. the nerd continues "it doesn't even have next gen graphics!". the man's face went blank "...... what?" "it doesn't look as good as the other systems sir" "it looks fine to me"... the nerds didn't have anything to add, he grabbed a Wii and sold it to the man. Later, when he went back to his friends they asked him about his work today " yeah it was fine, but you know the usual, casuals and idiots buying the Wii and destroying our habit, but there were 3 hardcore people who bought a 360 so that's good".

Obviously, this is what people think when they see a Wii console being sold.. "PFFT what a casual, his opinion doesn't count!" AND PLEASE don't act like this isn't happening, NERDS ( they go off as "gamers" here) tend to bash every single popular product out there and bashes the community that follows it. How many times have i seen people bash the hip hop culture because they don't like it, how many times have i seen people bash a certain movie or a series JUST because it's popular? the answer is too freaking many, people PLEASE don't act like you are the only ones have a good opinion and discard anyone else's just because you disagree with him or if he's just doing it for the wrong reasons. If you will bash Wii owners because sales come soccer moms then i tell you this, i'd rather have soccer moms than nerds.

happy ramadan to all :D:D !!!!

wow ramadan is upon us once again, have a great month to everyone out there :D

but this will probably be my worst ramadan ever, i'm in college now and while it's freaking awesome, i never really had a ramadan outside my home, i wonder how this month will turn out :?, all of the other freshmen from saudi arabia have the same feeling, i'm thinking that we'll all gonna have a crappy ramdan all together :P.

but really HAPPY RAMADAN!!! :D

Simpsons the Movie... my impressions.....

ok well first of all i'm not late for the party i saw the simpsons movie like back in july 25th, but i just never had enough time to Write about it, i'm enjoying my sweet sweet holiday in london and let me tell you something, it's fantastic!!!!


anyway moving on, i just want to say that when i saw the movie i had zero expectations, but i came out of the movie pleased... not satisfied as i hoped, but pleased none the less, the movie started as if there it had started 30 minutes ago, it had absalutely no introduction to the movie (other than itchy and scratchy bit... thatwas funny) it's as if the cast already knew that everyone who's coming to see this movie is a die hard simspons fan or at least just a fan, it got STRAIGHT to the point, which i loved because they don't waste all the time of " getting to know the characters" or any of that crap.

this movie to me is a bit of strange because i found the beginning to be much better than the end, which isn't usual, at least not from my expereince, the jokes were miles better, showing bart's penis is easily my favorite joke in the entire movie, because i never excpected them to do such a thing, after that the movie went along with a few other jokes, the spider pigsong was awesome, and the choir singing it in such a serious tune was even more awesome!!!!, after that though things kinda sank lower and lower, i for one am just sick of the SAVE THIS SAVE THAT, THE HERO WHO CAUSED ALL THE DAMAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE BUT RECOVERED THE DAMAGE and all of the other BS ( if you don't know what i'm talking about then play aJRPG and you'll see what i mean), ever since they announced a simpsons movie i was afraid that this might be the plot, and it was, which is the main reason why i thought the movie was OK at best, they could have done so much more yet they brought us that rediculous plot.

Still there were some great jokes thrown all over the movie, the gay police men were one of my favorites too, and the boob lady LOOOOOOOL!!!!!!! i just loved it, i just wish they got rid of all the cheesyness surrounding the movie (the breakup and the dying town for example), and as you go on with the movie more and more cheesy stuff came out, and the jokes faded oh so quickly by the end, i don't think i laughed or even giggled in the last 20 minutes, i was juststaring at the screen or rolilng my eyes that's it, i was also disapppinted that not all the characters were in the movie, i wouldn't have even thought of that as a feature, but Matt simply said it over and over again that we'll see all the characters... we didn't.

i also read in the same interview that it was supposed to be a musical? LOL now THAT would have been trash, and he also said that theymade jokes that were REALLY funny when they heard it for the first 250 or 300 times.... WTF was that about? no one is going to watch the movie 250 times JUST PUT IT THERE, i'll never understand what went on in their heads really i don't.

overall it's just as i have said before, the movie is NOT bad, but it's NOT great either, it could have been so much more than that, oh and one final thing, I LOVED the greenday cover, i want it as my phone ring :P


ok so anyway,i don't get why th die hard simspsons fans think this movie was TERRIBLE, or whatever, i went to the IMdb boards and was very surprised at how the people reacted to this movie, i realize that Matt had made so much hype about this movie but it wasn't terrible, and it most certainly wasn't bad.


OMG i can't believe it, I'M NOT A SCHOOL STUDENT ANYMORE :D :D :D
it's such a great feeling, i mean yes i already miss some of my friends and all but wow, i really feel like i'm taking my first huge step in life, i'm extremely happy!!!!!!!! :D

i'm going to take engineering major (probably chemical but not sure yet), and i am checking the collages as we speak, I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY !!!! :D:D:D (yes i know i'm bugging you already but you'll see how awesome this is once you graduate yourself ^_^ )

pokemon VS. guitar hero 2, which one to get?

wow it sure has been a long time since i last posted here, lol just to give a little update on the whole "teh life" of mine, firstly i finally know what i'm going to be, i'm going to be an engineer, but i'm still shaky on what KIND of engineer i want to be, but the college i'm going to says that they will help me along the way, you won't believe how relieved i am to finally have a goal, because i know myself, if i didn't make the choice now, i won't make it until like, the 20 years from now, and it will be too late, but thank god that's not going to happen now right? :D.

but of course, nothing good lasts forever, two weeks a go my cousin went to see her mom and see how she's doing, only to find out that the night she stayed in, a fire broke out, nobody got burned (thank god) but the grandmother and the dourghter of my cousin are in grave danger, they lost child more than twice now, and barely any improvments happened for either one happened since the first night, the child's nanny was a real saviour, she helped my cousin's little doughter to get out of the fire, only at the cost of her health, she's brain dead now since she enhailed CO2 much more than the others, pleae no matter what religion you are, or even if you're an eithiest, please pray and wish the best for them!

and then my birthday came up just days a go, i swear it was one of the wierdest yet best Bdays i've EVER had, my two older sisters invited me to a restaraunt called spazio, it's itialian (my favorite!!) and the cake there was specatacular, there hasn't been a lot of gift sharing but that's ok, the thought counts much more than the material, it was like every second someone calls to give me a happy birthday or something, it was really wonderful, and even though there wasn't a "lot" of gift sharing, doesn't mean there wasn't any, my sister got me something REALLY awesome, i don't know hoe to explain it but it's cool trust me, my dad says he didn't know what to get me so he promised my cold hard cash to do whatever i want with it (lol don't worry i won't spend on stupid stuff, i will keep until something worthy is up), and my mom is away visiting my grandma, howevershe called and said my present was a valintino watch, i'm not going to even try to spoil myself and search their latest collection, i want to be surprised :D.

so that's pretty much the "highlights" of my "teh life" right now, it's all good, it's alll good, but moving on to the main subject, i'm just minutes away from beating SPM and EBA, great titles and all, but it's time to find my next title, i have two choices now, pokemon diamond or guitar hero 2, to me this is a tough one since i'm a pokeaddict, but after EBA i'm really into more rythem games right now, and i did play the japanese version of pokemon diamond really, i know that i can't go wrong either way, but what should i get for now?


ok i really don't know what's going on, but seriously everything around me is changing, ever since this year began, the people themselves are starting to act differently, it's almost intemidating, the scariest thing though is i don't know where i stand right now!, this is my final year in school and i don't know what to do or where to go, you it's like i'm the black sheep of my friends, they all know what do they want to become except me!! it's freaking sucky i tell you, my life like completely changed in a second, and i SERIOUSLY don't have a single clue what to do after i graduate, my my what a strange feeling...... i hate this part of my life the most right now
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