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NXE=Bad Ass

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I was skeptical at first. Thinking they were puting this on for mii 2 thing and more casual aproach. But i found that it was really slick and awsome. The avatars look great and are creative. So far im just messing around with it. Hopefully they fix the freezing problem. Dont forget to add me on live: Reptilia3

Got 360, gamertag: Reptilia3

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so umm. yeah i got my 360 on thursday. got it with halo 3 and im barrowing call of duty 4 from one of buddies. yeah im having a blast playing it so far. if you want to add me my gamer tag is Reptilia3. ill be playing halo 3 matchmaking for while and im working my way through call of duty 4 singleplayer. thanks

Wow. Its been a long time

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Wow. It has been a long time since i was here. Bu thinking back it went by so fast.

anyway. im getting a 360 tommarow. yeah. thats it. i would assume my live name will be Reptilia something. if you have any better ideas leave a comment. so yeah, you live soon

Wants a 360 and wii fit

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I have enough money for a 360 now. Im just wating for that rumored price drop. But uh i havent been play anything. i got wii fit. i have been playing that some what. it is actually very fun. but i still cant help to get the feeling that it was made more for my mom than it was for me. but yeah anyway just waiting

Half way there for 360

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I am half way to saving up for a 360. I imagine ill get it in around october if i get enough cash by then. Any way, havent been playin to many games lately. And if any one was wondering i am not intersted in sony that much. I respect them and they have a great console but its just not my kind of thing. And i only watched 5 secs of the confrence life so thats why there that badge and i missed ms's confrence live but i have already watched it. any way ill stay posted with my progress in getting a 360


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Well this will be quick. Nintendo's which i watched live was highly dissapointing. There were no exciting titles coming to it. Microsoft which i am almost finished watching to stream is ok. Im really excited for Banjo. I heard Sony's was alright. For some reason they gave me the badge for wating that one live for some reason. I dont really care for playstation much, but i heard god of war looks pretty nice.

So now i have made my decision. Ill have to buy an 360.