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This New Game, Called Borderlands Is Just AWSOME! If you are a tru FPS fan and you like playing RPG games. This is a game for you. It is also really addictive. If you get the hang of it in online playing you will play it for a while. And for me atleast it happens that i decide that i stop after this mission. I just automatically start playing the next one :D It is Awsome game. There are like millions of guns and its really awsome. Cause The game is a multiplat so everyone with a xbox360 and ps3 i highly recommend to buy it!

Hit me up on it ;) And other games.

My new games: Uncharted 2, Borderlands, Skate2 and Smackdown Vs Raw 2010

NBA 2k10 FINALLY !!!

NOW I FINALLY GOT NBA2K10!! It's amazing. so far i have only had time to play the "My Player" mode But the game is so far awsome. The attack has become alot more realistic and also the game in itsselfe. If you got this game you can add me on PSN Nino-9-0 :D

ADD me on PSN

Anyone who has a ps3 can just add me on psn my nick is nino-9-0 add me there and we'll play games. Atm my games are mostly just sport games. here are my games: Fifa09,NHL09,NBA2k9,Saints Row 2 andGuitar hero 5. But my birthday is after 1week so i will get some games after that :D So yea. Just add me ^^

Playstation 3 or Xbox360 Games?

All my friends who got xbox360 say they have 360 cause the games. But when you acctually look at it they only have halo and gears of war and few more. But more games are now coming to PS3. Now me myselfe, have just an PS3 and im really glad i bought it. Since i just wanted to have a better console with good games. If you dont agree with me. So now i'd like to compare some exclusives. These are the exclusive titles that the both consols have/will get. PS3 are getting games like: Gran Turismo5, Mag,Uncharted2,God of war 3,Assassins Creed 2, Heavy rain, FinalFantasy XIII Versus and alot more. When Xbox360 has: Halo Wars,Gears of War 2,Forza3, Alan Wake, Huxley, and Star Ocean. (If i missed alot of GOOD titles for xbox please tell me) I will edit Now my opinion in this, is that Ps3 took over in the titles. So i don't really know any reason anymore why to buy xbox360. Sorry if it sounds like im just defending my own console.But i know that xbox360 is getting good games too. I also know Saints Row which i have for my Ps3 was first an Xbox360 exclusive. And that game is just awsome. I will talk more about these things in my next blog.