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First One.

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This has to do with games.

I'm a gamer, some are my first memories are of missile command and berserk. I have grown with them and they have grown with me. I've shared the ups and downs of the industry, the teething of the 80's, the boom of the 90's the questing and curious naughts. Console rivalry has gone on as long as I can remember and I think at best its stupid and at worst its fragmenting the gaming community.

I don't define myself by the console I play the most or by which franchises I religiously purchase. I'm sick to death of endless tirades back and forth about the Wii controller, PS3's Blu-Ray player of Microsoft's two SKU's. None of it really matters.  I'm personally not sold on Blu-Ray or the Wiimote and I thought having two Sku's was stupid.

We scrabble around devouring new bits of information as soon as they become available, using them as ammunition in our community dividing brand wars. Arguments and flaimbait fly. All of it quite pointless The faithful never see a problem and the detractors and only see the flaw, regardless of which loyalist is supporting which system.

 We have come to the point, where we blindly support our console of choice and furiously attack dissenting views. Gamer culture is getting a bit too much like party politics for my taste. I would like to see is everyone take a step back, take a deep breath and play a fun game on any system. Then try to remember thats its all just virtual worlds on a screen.