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its been awhile

well i havent been on for awhile like usual i just one day decide to check things out on here. but thats not y i titled this blog its been awhile. i did because this year is already turning out to b a great one for gamers or at least for me. in the past cpl years ive only bought maybe one or two games a year. this year im already up to wanting to buy 5! with darksiders coming out in a cpl days im hopeful it will b good. also dante's inferno, god of war 3, and recently i have learned that there will b a new prince of persia picking up a story after the first game and before the 2nd during the 7 two 10 year gap. other than them i still have to get dragon age and i hear left for dead 2, and boarder land are both pretty good.

COD 5 Doesnt work

i usually like to play my xbox 360 when i have some down time. for christmas i got from my gf a year of live. not a bad present. well when my brother got call of duty 5 a month or two ago we tried to play it, and it worked........for the first day. afterwards it wudnt start up and if it did it wud shut us off once we went to play live. so we returned the game got another copy of it. same thing happened. i called the service and they said it wasnt there problem so they wouldnt fix it for free like they did the ring of death we got last year and if i wanted it fixed i had to pay over a hundred bucks for them to do it. The 360 is nothing but a pain in the ass.

Looking forward to

2008 is looking like a good year for games. devil may cry 4, army of two, the force unleashed, are just a few of the really good looking games that will be coming out. im looking forward to finally seeing the next installment of ninja gaiden, and resistance 2 is looking pretty good, so is dark sector and highlander.

level 18

Yea im flicky now yea i dont know what it was i did to go up 30 percent in one day but ill take it lol

Halo 3 Post

I have been playing halo 3 constantly and i must say it is amazing im sure u all know what the game is and if u have a 360 and havent played the game then u are missing out. I just thought i would give out my gamertag (NinjaWraith23) so that we can play with each other that i finally got live.

Halo 3 pre

Ok just a few more days until the midnight release so whos going to be there that night i know me and my brother will be. im so fricken excited what do u guys plan on playing first caimpain or online multiplayer or online campaign or just regular multiplayer.