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WooHoo level 20!! and rugby!!

I finally hit level 20! My rank is now Metal Slime. I have no idea what that means but it's cool anyway. On another note, I picked up Halo:Reach and have been quite enjoying it. After ODST I was a little disappointed with the franchise but this entry totally made up for it. Not that ODST was a bad game, just not really on par with the other Halos. Anyway if you haven't played it yet you should definitely give it a go. I also just recently watched the movie Invictus with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, and it was pretty good. A pretty touching account of Nelson Mandela's early presidency in South Africa, and an enjoyable look at the game of rugby. Im from the U.S and have never had much exposure to this sport, but from what i saw it looks awesome. It's like a more hardcore version of the NFL, without all the high paid diva players and corporate BS. It made me want to learn the rules and go out and try it... or at least watch some games on TV lol. I also learned of a shot that was named after the South African rugby team, the Springboks (sp?) made with half creme de menthe and half Bailey's Irish Cream. It is very delicious and it looks cool too. You just layer the Bailey's on top of the creme de menth in a shot glass and shoot it, it tastes like an Andes mint. If you get a chance to try it, take it, you wont regret it.

Missing E3 emblems and Gamespot's fail coverage

So I logged in to my account Gamespot account today and noticed that I was missing 2 of the 15 emblems that I had the last time that I logged in, which was yesterday. the 2 emblems in question are the E3 2010 groupie and the E3 2010 tourist, which I got from watching 1 episode of the live stage show, and one episodeof the live cam tour. I was awarded these after the first day of E3 when I watched the shows, and have had them ever since. Up until today. What is even weirder is that I still have the E3 2010 roadie and vacationer emblems that were awarded for watching all 3 shows of both the live cam tour and the live stage show. This is odd to me because it would seem that I couldn't have those without the ones that are missing. Anyway, it isn't a huge deal, but i did make a conscious effort to get those emblems, and I am a little irritated that they are now missing. come to think of it, I'm a little irritated with the way that Gamespot covered E3 as a whole. The entire coverage was littered with glitches, bugs, delays, disconnects, freezes, slow speeds, and a bunch of other problems,not only with the live coverage but now with the emblems. I found myself several times during Gamespots coverage switching to a new browser window to watch different parts on IGN and some of it on G4. I guess I dont' have a lot of room to complain, as I am not a paying Gamespot subscriber, so all these services are in actually free to me, but if I had known that the emblems that were awarded to me were going to be removed several days later, I wouldn't have wasted my time watching Gamespots glitchycoverage at all, but would have made use of one of the far better functioning websites that were covering E3 as well. So in a sense, I did pay for them, I paid for them with my time, and now, that time, has been officially wasted. I want a refund.

Red Dead Redemption

So I just finished Red Dead redemption, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you haven't finished it yet, I wont spoil it for you, but let's just say that the ending was not what I was expecting, and I was pleasantly surprised. Rockstar really outdid themselves this time. After I beat the game I went and downloaded the soundtrack (that came free with my pre-order) and listened to it for a while, and it just really impressed upon me how much work and attention to detail they put into this game to make it truly epic. The soundtrack is better than most movie scores around today. For a game that I wasn't that excited about prior to it coming out, it really surprised me, and now I feel like it will be a very solid contender for GOTY. Any way I just wanted to throw a little praise at a game that I truly enjoyed and think everyone should take a look at, if you haven't already

Greatest game hero

I gotta say I have enjoyed seeing the Greatest Game Hero contest take shape, even with all the Bub and Bob controversy lol. I am quite surprised at how some of the matchups turned out. I really think that this is a cool way for Gamespot to get people involved and I hope they do it again. I would love to see a Greatest Game Villain contest one of these days. What do you think?

Too many games at one time

Maybe this is an odd thing to complain about, but I just don't seem to have enough time to keep up with all the awesome games that are coming out recently. It makes me kind of love and hate the Holiday season all at the same time. Love it because of all the awesome high quality blockbuster can't-miss games that come out, but at the same time hate it for making me forget so many other aspects of my life to try and keep up with them. Not to mention the strain on my wallet. I guess this is kind of a good problem to have. Anyone feel the same as me? A little overwhelmed?

Too Human!

I just played the Too Human demo through, and let me just say that it is awesome. This is now one of my most anticipated future releases
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