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so far its the worst yet best year ever

i got over my depression of what happened recently.

what the bad stuff is that got me depressed is the fact i tried to join this member only anime site called Otaku project everyone was awesome and nice except for theyre headmaster/boss snowie she is just cruel she has no soul i bet

i tried to tell her i wanna join i have no talent but alright, she was going to decline my application until she told me to make a video thats good till halloween, she saw my videos and complained how horrible the quality is i was like seriously WTF you witch

she kept waiting and waiting till i made a good video but she always acts so stuck up and such a heartless person she was i mean i really wanna kill her. she doesnt even care about the fact i have autism she says its pathetic to go easy on me cause i have autism (such a cruel beast)

i just felt very scared about this whole "Crisis" i had she then kept yelling and complaining i snapped and yelled back at her saying comebacks that i just needed to let out to that i mentioned she doesnt deserve that site or deserve to create it

i felt really depressed having her or any of those awesome youtubers hate me, she lied to them saying i said bad things about them.

whats good about this year so far is that im gonna get a PSP & a chance to buy a smorgus board of anime goodies, and i spent the best time with my girlfriend, i even got to see angel beats it was awesome, it would be good if i got the chance to go to EXP con ;_;

the online multiplayer maybe dead but the single player is still awesome

games like the original COD4, modern warfare 2, have awesome single player campaigns but have online multipayers that are gonna die so dont worry you can still play the single player, they are still playable and awesome

its not the end of the world just because the online multiplayer of it is dead, its just a game nothing more, plus call of duty shouldnt be that popular its just a game, single player campaign makes a game not multiplayer so get over it please

FF11 and 13

ok "XI" seems good enough, and i mean real good enough for me to try it, it does seem the same and indiffrent than Other MMORPG's but what i think is awesome about it is final fantasy :D. i really wanna play it but thats not the only FInal fantasy i wanna try. "FFXIII" the story it sounds nice and the way it uses the same combat mechanics as XII but really diffrent ya know,