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Splatoon (Reactions to Controls) and Nintendo's Incompetence

Hello fellow Nintendo gamers. I have 2 points that I want to address about Splatoon:

(Point 1) Controls:

Recently I made a blog post about Splatoon, my reaction to it not having Pointer control support and how I'd give the Gyro controls a try when I could. Well I FINALLY was able to give the demo a shot and I must say I did in fact enjoy the game, however not as much as I would if it had pointer controls.

I'll start off by saying that Gyro controls are more precise than Dual Analogs however it seems that you have to fight against the right analog the entire time when using the Gyro controls seeing as how they both deal with your aim and turning. That will take some practice to get used to. Other than that, they seem like a decent control method.

(Point 2) Error Codes when trying to connect to Splatoon:

When I tried to get into Splatoon this time, I was constantly hit with different error codes. So I called Nintendo and talked to a representative that stated that the reason for the error codes was due to Nintendo not expecting the servers to fill up as fast as they did and they basically didn't have the server capacity to handle such a huge load. This made me wonder, what in the world were they planning on doing when the actual game released then? If they couldn't handle it when the demo was out, that was a bad sign and showed sheer lack of networking prowess.

Ironically, directly after I hung up with the Nintendo rep, I tried connecting again and immediately found matches.

Hopefully someone at Nintendo gets on this and handles this before the game releases next week. They do not need a new IP to launch with network issues such as that.

This does seem like it will be a great title as it sets me in the mind of Sega's Jet Grind/Set Radio and even has to do with painting/tagging areas/turf. This could basically be Nintendo's Jet Grind/Set Radio. Would be pretty sick if they did a crossover. Jet Splat Radio.

I'm not supporting Splatoon. No Pointer Controls confirmed

Simply put, I'm not supporting Splatoon even though it does look semi-fun yet bare bones. Having no pointer controls was make or break for me as Dual Analog controls are inferior when it comes to FPS/TPS. I am going to still try out the demo to see what I think about it and maybe that'll make me change my opinion o the matter but I HIGHLY doubt it. I'm willing to give the demo a shot though so I'll see what I think after I try it but I doubt that I'll be buying this without Pointer Controls.

Nintendo has been screwing up a bunch lately and this was a big one.

Well Mewtwo almost just made Jigglypuff useless...

As a veteran Jigglypuff player since Smash Bros 64, I am very upset at the news that Mewtwo still has his Hypnosis attack.

If it still has the same properties as the Melee version, it pretty much will have just made Jigglypuff's Sing useless. On Melee, Mewtwo could use Hypnosis and the move was quick and had very little recovery time making it to where Mewtwo basically had a better version of Sing that didn't leave it sitting there afterwards. Jigglypuff on the other hand, had to sit there and sing the rest of the song before she could actually do anything.

Hopefully the properties of Mewtwo's Hypnosis attack have been changed to where Mewtwo has much more recovery time afterwards so it won't completely make Jigglypuff's Sing useless.

We shall find out in a few weeks.

The ONE thing I want to see From Nintendo at E3 2014

Now I know everyone will be happy about Smash Bros this year but there is one game that I believe stands out even amongst Smash Bros.

I'm sure many of us have heard of and seen the teaser for the mashup with incredible potential known as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem but unfortunately for us, that's all we have seen or really even know about it outside of that it's a RPG. Personally, I would have preferred this to be a Fighting game but I like RPG's as well so either way is fine.

What kind of RPG this will be is still not confirmed. Is it going to be a Strategy RPG? Turn Based? Timed? Nothing has been said.

If Nintendo does not show anything on this game at this years E3, I think we can consider that game vaporware and cancelled which would be very unfortunate because I love Shin Megami Tensei and Persona.

Nintendo will have failed alot of fans by allowing such a game with this kind of fanbase and potential to go under. Hopefully we will find out more on this game in a few days at E3.

Played my SNES yesterday and let me tell you...

That thing is STILL fun as ever!!!

One of my friends and I started with Turtles in Time and is that game ever timeless or what? The amount of fun we had playing that game has not been duplicated in a long time by any console.

From beating up foot soldiers, to making Bebop and Rocksteady fight each other, to throwing bad guys into the screen to hit Shredder, the game never stopped being a blast. We beat the game on the hardest difficulty in less than 30 minutes but it was a 30 minutes of fun that has been well missed.

Compare that to the 10 minute COD online sessions and the hours upon hours of running around and shooting others in GTA and it just does not compete. Turtles in Time >>> COD/GTA.

Then we started up a 2 player Super Mario World and I can't even describe how well done that game is. From finding keys in Vanilla Dome, to discovering the secret game changing element after you defeat Star Road, to riding along that iconic Blue/Purle Yoshi, to that epic final boss fight against KING KOOPA aka Bowser, the game gave countless hours of fun and the new Mario games should look back at that game for inspiration.

Then we started up Battletoads/Double Dragon. The first ever crossover game (at least ever to hit the NA shores). I had Jimmy Lee, they had Zitz. We wrecked shop. Even the Asteroids-ish levels provided loads of real fun, not just game lengthening like nowadays.

It really put into perspective how games nowadays have lost the real fun and have replaced it with just realism.

I'm glad I grew up in the gaming era I did. Kids nowadays are severely missing out on true gaming.

Capcom addresses MAJOR issues with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Patch, Except One..



As most of you may or may not know, there will be a patch for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that will, ( as it originally was on 3) allow for players across the region to play alongside each other.

In my opinion, this is huge for a game that is built upon the multiplayer online aspect as the core of the game.

Also, the patch will (as it should have originally been seeing as this was one of the main marketing ploys of the WiiU) allow the complete game to be played entirely on the Gamepad.

This is great and could even lead to 2 player local co-op play if Capcom so decides.

This is a much needed patch and should've been done in the game originally and not through a patch.

Never the less, Capcom has done a great thing here and have addressed many people's issues with the game (Before it released mind you).


Now that they have addressed those issues, there is one issue still pegging me that should be readded to the game.

What's the issue?  You intelligently ask me.

The issue is, the omission of WiiMote and Nunchuck option for the controls.


After playing the demo, I am now semi-used to the gamepad setup but I still die a bunch more than when using the WiiMote and Nunchuck.

This is mainly due to me having to look down to see what I am selecting.

Sometimes it's due to a mistaken button press when trying to perform another action.

Enough about that.

The WiiMote and Nunchuck functioned well in Monster Hunter.  It was neither overly or under implemented.

The Swing to attack could have been removed though I agree, because they offer a much simpler and better option to attack and that is by simply pressing the "A" button.


The controls were as follows:

Move with the Nunchuck Analog.

Block with the "Z" Button.

Scroll through items by holding the "C" button and pressing left or right on the DPad.

Press "1" to use selected item or whilst still holding "C", Press "A".


Sheath/Unsheath the Weapon with "+"

Press "A" to attack.

Modified attacks were:

Tilt Slightly Left and Press "A" to do your upward attack.

Tilt Slightly Right and Press "A" to do your Circular attack.

Tilt Slightly Up and Press "A" to do your Charge/Overhead Attack.

Press "-" for your Special attack.


Press "2" to bring up the options menu.

Dpad scrolled through the options menu.


Open the Hunters Book, and press "1" to bring up the Monster Scanner.

Point at the monster once in range, Press and hold "A" and drag it down into the Monster Book to add monster info.  (This cannot be done anymore since they removed this control method).  It kind of gave the game a pokemon-ish aspect of gathering monster info.


While online, press "2" twice to bring up the chat box

Scroll through the Keyboard with the Dpad and Press "A" when you get to the desired letter or punctuation.

(This can be majorly simplified by having a USB keyboard)


I have talked to a Capcom Representative about this issue and the reason he gave was that "there were additional things added to the game that could not be implemented with the WiiMote, thus the removal of the option".

From playing the demo, I have yet to see one thing that has been added that the WiiMote could not already do.  If you know anything about the additions that were added, please feel free to inform me.

While the option to play the game using the Gamepad and CCP/GPP are nice and there is no problem with me there, the readdition of the WiiMote controls would make this game feel much more at home to the people, like myself, that used the WiiMote and Nunchuck as the primary control setup for Monster Hunter 3/Tri.

So hopefully, Capcom will see that the WiiMote was a good control method for this game and will readd it through a patch in the same way that they are patching Region free and Off Tv play.

Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate - The Ball is dropping. Hype Meter Falling Fast

Well people, it's official, Capcom has found a way to HIGHLY lessen my hype for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

The reason for the hype meter decrease is the Omission of the WiiMote controls.

I understand that some used the Classic Controller and that's fine but for those of us that used the WiiMote for Monster Hunter 3, we have been swept under the rug.

Monster Hunter 3 was one of the only games that implemented the WiiMote controls in a successful way.

They didn't do too much nor did they do too little.  They used just enough motion necessary to determine the difference in strikes.

For instance, if you wanted to do a Super Attack, you slightly tilt upward and Press A.  For a Wide ranged attack, you slightly tilt right and press A.  For an upward attack, you slightly tilt left and press A.

This led to the creation of really unique combos. 

For instance, with a lance, I could simply, Press A, Tilt Right and Press A, tilt Left and Press A and tilt Upward and press A for a Normal Attack followed by a Wide swing followed by an upward attack and finished by a Super Attack.

Now that that simple control scheme is removed, on the Gamepad for the same combo with the same weapon, I must press X, A + X, A, then R1 + A.

As it stands, it is just the demo version so hopefully the full retail game has these controls readded as they were already in the original game.

Nintendo Direct 2-14-2013 was a bust. GDC 2013 WHERE YOU AT?

Because this recent Nintendo Direct was a bust.

I'm anticipating GDC to see what Nintendo is planning to do now to get Dev Support back.

New Zelda Community.... what about the rest of the Nintendo fanbase that want to talk about games like Star Fox, Metroid, FZero, Donkey Kong, etc?  Where's their communities?  Oh right, they don't matter... whoop tee freaking doo... confused.gif

Remake of DKCR..... Really? So we're focusing on Remakes now?  Forget about using those same resources to bring forth new games and sequels to other forgotten franchises.  Nah, we'd much rather use these resources on a remake on a game that wasn't good enough to have remake on.

Ooh lookey lookey, a new better deluxe version of the WiiU for $30 more than the original Deluxe which includes Nintendoland free...  THIS VERSION SHOULD'VE BEEN RELEASED ORIGINALLY TO BEGIN WITH) and it Includes a Pro controller AND ZombiU instead of a useless stand for the Pad.

"Let's see what our partners are working on" - *Numbnut comes on screen reading a Zelda history book.....* mad.gif

Outside of Fire Emblem content (featuring the Silver Haired Maiden), Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Animal Crossing: New Leaf (which honestly I don't really care much about atm but I hear it's a good franchise so I'm a little bit interested in it), there really wasn't much of interest in my opinion.


I absolutely can not wait til GDC 2013 to see what Nintendo are planning to do to get Developers back on their console.

Nintendo needs to get some fire blazing under their breeches and start cranking out other games and not start this remake trend.

This is why I loved the Nintendo vs Sega era.  Sega brought that fire dragon and put Nintendo in the oven until they were forced to make some awesome games.

Hardcore gamers are the Kids of gaming

These self proclaimed "Hardcore" gamers are the true kids of gaming.

Especially when it comes to Nintendo. These hardcore gamers tease and joke about how Nintendo is the kiddie console and doesnt have hardcore games and yet at the same time, when Nintendo gets a hardcore game, they whine, nag, make boycott websites and make up ridiculously illogical reasons as to why said game is all of a sudden a terrible game. At the same time they cry about why its not on their console which if it was, somehow, it instantly becomes a great AAA title.

These are the hardcore gamers so to speak. To me that sounds childish. I know they like to think they are the grown, mature audience and based off of their actions, they are the exact opposite. Nag and Brag when they have something and Cry and complain when they can't get what they want.

I consider myself a True gamer. I don't alienate a game or franchise due to what console its on. If I want to play a game and it's on another console, I get the console it's on and play the game, not whine and complain then start websites to stop others from enjoying a quality title. I play and give all kinds of games chances BEFORE I decide whether I like the game or not. I don't base my opinions off of someone elses thoughts of a game.

WiiU Impressions: The Aftermath

I just want to first off Thank God for this opportunity. Without him, none of this would've been possible.

I want to Thank Nintendo for setting up such a great event here in Atlanta, GA and I hope that many, Many more events follow.

Now, Into the action. Right off the bat, I noticed the Gamepad. When I picked up the gamepad, it felt great. From the Material used in the crafting, to the placement of the buttons, it was very very comfortable.

Secondly, the WiiU Console, the design was pretty much what I expected. The Console itself was capable of very good graphical ability (Noticed in Batman Arkham City and Pikmin 3 (Didn't get to try out ZombiU because it was taken down by the time I got there).

Gamepad Pros:

- Fits really well in the hand.

- Very Responsive

- Very Precise Resistive Touchscreen

- Lightweight

- Dual Analogs position feels very comfortable above the buttons. (I won't use them for Shooters still because Motion is just top notch controls for FPS but it feels MUCH more comfortable than the Playstation Analogs at the bottom center of the controller). I'm still a fan of the Xbox analog positioning but I can see myself getting used to the two analogs on the top as well. It actually may be a better setup for Dual Analog FPS than Xbox's Dual analog placement simply because the placement of your right hand is already on the Shoulder buttons instead of your thumb having to stretch to reach the second analog.

- Very Good Build Quality. Feels Solid as if you can drop it and not affect it. (Major concern of mine)

Gamepad Cons:

- Touchscreen is fairly large and I couldn't touch fingertip to fingertip meaning I couldn't cover the entire screen with just using my thumbs. It wasn't much that I couldn't cover but the fact stands that I couldn't cover the entire screen and I have fairly large hands, skinny but still.

- You have to look at the screen. While I'm used to quickly glancing at the second screen (thanks to the DS), This could take some getting used to for people who aren't and just like motion controls, some people are just not willing to learn new control methods and will automatically dismiss the entire console the second they fail at it for the first time.

- Only 2 are simultaneously usable at a time. This NEEDS to be pushed to 4 somehow.

- No multitouch. While this may not be a big deal to some, this is a limiting factor for devs that want to fully take advantage of the touchscreen. Nintendo has time to redesign and incorporate a multitouch screen before it releases but I doubt that they will.

WiiU Console Pros:

- Very Nice Slim Design.

- White and Black should be available from release.

- The use of Motion Controls and CIassic Controls is a nice touch.

- Graphics are AMAZING! Textures are great, Lighting effects are mindblowing and just overall, Graphics are not a concern anymore. They have the power to push amazing graphics.

WiiU Console Cons:

- No Price or Exact Date yet.

- No Preorder available yet

- No Game Pricing Range Announced

- 4 gamepads need to be able to work simultaneously

Overall, I am pleased with the WiiU and will be picking one up on day one.