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Buy a year of PS+ instead....way more than just one game.

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I'm bout 95% happy with the PS4. My only real issue is that they stripped away the ability to stream content from your PC and store your personal MP3's and MP4's on the HDD. It's cool though, it just adds more value to my PS3,

They are adding it post launch though at least

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@Vatusus: I understand what you are getting at, but you don't need a big budget to have a game look great on a system. Look and Journey, Flower, Resogun....Resogun is mind blowing with how many thousands and thousands of particles are on screen. In the end I think we actually agree, but I just don't like the distinction and think a game is a game regardless of the budget and it should be judged on how much fun it is to play. I like big budget titles as much as the next guy lol. Do you have the PS4 or are you grabbing an X1 on Friday? It is sooo exciting right now lol.

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You will be just fine. The rate of issues is a lot smaller than it seems I think. Worst case scenario is you get a new one two weeks's under warranty. It's a launch console...this stuff happens, but odds are you will be gaming away just fine.

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I imagine it will work just fine for you. Should look great with that many pixels on a screen that size.

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Its cool that Sony is caring about indies, I'm definitely fine with that, but when I buy new powerfull hardware I want games that take advantage of that hardware, not simple games that could have been made on last gen tech. I'm fine Sony is betting on indies I just hope they dont forget about the AAA games. Hoping it delivers or I'll stay with PC

It baffles me that so many people think an Indie title can't be a AAA title...whatever

Do you even know what AAA means? Its not only a game that scores above 90. Every A has a meaning. One of those A means big budget. A indie title cant ever be AAA cause they never have a big budget supporting it.


I personally think that is really stupid even though that is the common meaning. Big budget vs small budget does not matter if the game is complete crap. AAA should be about the experience. I would take a game like Resogun any day over Gears of War Judgement, Killzone 2/3 (just as examples). It not only scored AAA, it cost a hell of a lot less to do it and delivers a much richer experience.

I am not labeling you, but it seems as if people associate indie with cheap and not worth it.....some of the best games are indie titles and we need to get away from the idea that a game needs to have a huge budget to be worth our time. Maybe it is because indie is newer for console gamers....who knows. Either way, making that distinction does many titles a huge disservice.

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The thing is a beast.

Is it perfect? No

Is it a lot of fun to play on? Hell yes

The system is fast, super quiet, and leaps and bounds better than the PS3 graphically. Bugs and features will be improved upon with future updates, but for a launch system at this price point....a darn good deal.

I can fully recommend these games:

Resogun...bloody incredible

ACIV...makes current gen versions look awful

FIFA 14....not worth buying the PS4 for, but if you have it, this game is great

Killzone SF is hit or miss with some people, but worth checking out

Contrast...awesome game concept


I played the system for over 6.5 hours straight with a friend. Controllers never died and were on the whole time. PSN never disconnected and downloads were stupid fast. Switching back and forth between apps/games/home screen is easy and flawless.

Is it worth spending 400 dollars right now? That is up to each individual person, but for those that take the leap you have a lot to look forward to.

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Or will the Xbox dethrone it (unlikely)?

We will know on Friday. I hope the Xbox One launch goes well for everybody getting one....GAME ON!!

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@drummerdave9099: If you are asking the question you should just wait. The games will be cheaper for you in the future anyhow.

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@kingoflife9: Yep...a sure fire flop of 1 million units sold. Darn it must have just gone horribly to break records left and right. And to imagine launching with games ranging from 7-9's is just downright atrocious.