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I will be getting Drive Club...skipping GT6. I think they made a mistake in waiting so long to release the game...6 months ago would have been perfect.

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@tjj89 said:

I want to know a site (i.e. that will let me order a PS4 right now. Whether or not it's a pre-order until new units are at said site, I want it ordered.

THANKS! is accepting preorders, but I literally have no idea how long you will have to wait.

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@bachuck said:

My budget is $50-$70.

Looking for stereo over-the-ear headphones which have separate channels for chat and game audio control. Bluetooth is not mandatory; a wired 3.5mm connection straight into the DS4 is perfectly fine for my needs.

Here are some viable options for you:!prettyPhoto (100 dollars)!prettyPhoto

I have no experience with any of these though.

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Tomb Raider has a new game coming for next gen and not a port. It's going to be announced at VGX. Rayman Legends won't come out for PS4 or X1, they would have announced that a long time ago if it would

They already announced it

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I know that I can't wait! I missed both titles on current gen so this is a great opportunity to hit them up on the new system. I really like that Rayman provides a more family friendly title too while we all wait for Second Son in March.

What are your anticipated titles early next year?

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Never, ever, ever try to make a Sony Kinect.

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@nblrmt: Black Friday PS3 deal for 199 is your best bet. By the time you catch up on all the great PS3 exclusive games you missed the PS4 won't be hard to find and games from early on will cost less. Just know the PS3 UI is very different from the PS4 and the dualshock 3 really sucks once you have the dualshock 4 in your hand.

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Mods....lock this thread already

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@ghstbstr: PS4 supports both of those audio formats

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If you did, has your order shipped yet? They guaranteed delivery by Christmas, but I am just curious.