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Fanboyism just irritates me

Whether here or on IGN, there is always someone who is a complete idiotic fanboy who just won't think rationaly. A company, who only wants your money and soul, can do no wrong no matter how many f ups they have....It is mind numbing how many idiots are in the world.

Bioshock Infinite is Incredible!!!

I have about 1/3 of the hidden story trophies and am loving it! What an incredible game with rich combat, story, and characters. The game is more immersive than even the frist game which is an impressive feat by itself. I doubt many people even read these posts since they are very rare, but I felt Infinite deserved a shout-out.


One side note, if you do have a solid PC and don't care about achievements or trophies on Live/ PSN, I would get it on PC. The textures are a bit bland on console, but it is still a fantastic game regardless of which system you choose.

Tom McShea just lost all his credibility as a reviewer to me

You have got to be kidding me giving Game of Thrones a freaking 7.0, are you kidding me!!! That game is the biggest piece of trash I have seen in a long time, just like every other tv/movie video game. Not even close to the collective scores on all other sites or users. You give inFamous 2 a 7.5, WHAT!!! You are off your rocker Tom, that is complete bullcrap.

February is Eating my Wallet alive!!!

Twisted Metal, PS Vita, Uncharted Golden Abyss, SSX ahhhh!!!!! Good thing I picked up two extra weekend shifts so I will actually have money left over :-). I am also excited to play Rayman and Gravity Rush on my Vita!! That is all, I should get back to studying now.

Triathlon Training

I officially start my triahlon training today. About to go and swim 1350meters....fml lol. I guess we shall see how much P90X prepared me mentally for this.

Love Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Online!!

It is so unique and takes a lot of skill to actually become good at. I love using my morph ability to find people standing in groups of look a likes. I just walk up like a normal NPC stand there for about 10 sec then use my morph and the one that doesn't change I kill. I can only imagine the look on their face lol. Love this game, skill and how you kill matters so much more than number. It truly is amazing!

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