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Credit to Remedy for making the effort to getting it released on PC. I haven't bought it yet, but I will. Digital distribtion is the answer. It was in a thread on here that The Witcher (the first one) sold 400 000 copies last year, and it's five years old. Games have bigger exposure on release and unlimited shelf life when sold digitally. And some companies are starting to see that.
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The efforts to legislate was blocked for years by one State Attorney-General. Since they moved on there actually has been progress. Progress may be slow, but progress nonetheless.

Several other countries 'ban' video games. A complete list is on Wikipedia.

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Well I liked it, and as I whole I like the MOH frnachise better than COD. Talking of Regional Pricing it's $US17.49 in Australia, down from US$70 If you can get it for $US5, go for it, especially if you like shooters. 8)
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Coffee for me. I usually don't eat.
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Why are GMG's offers better than Steam's?! And Amazon had better deals too lol

Yesterday I bought Driver SF (which is hilarious and a joy to play) and now I'm buying Space Marine. I don't even like the SM demo :/


GMG and Amazon are trying to take marketshare away from Steam so they are lowering their prices.

This. Gamersgate competed hard this Christmas Sale as well. It was a sale period of bargains, but one which I also spent way too much. I got Space Marine from Gamersgate for $19 because I thought it wouldn't get any cheaper. Wrong.
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Today was a big day, and not just on steam. It appears other digital distributors (Gamersgate and GMG) are competing hard during the sale seasons and both have put on some excellent offers. A lot of very cheap 'new release' titles are up for grabs over the next 24 hours. Enjoy.
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Fable III, DNF, a couple of $2.50 Indies and HOARD for free as part of the Great Gift Pile! I have about 10 games in the wishlist to see if they go on daily deals, of those ten I may buy three at their current sale price on final day if they are not further discounted.
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I have three of the seven, but the four I don't have are still worthy my standard contribution to the Humble Bundle. Quality package, this one.
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If I have an issue with Steam is the continual barrage of games on sale, which have left me with quite a backlog. It's probably been said earlier but you don't own the game, you own a licence to play the game. I'm comfortable with that.