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Best Buy! *Update 2*

My interview went great! I essentially have the job but they're doing a drug test/background check first. I'm excited :). 10 dollars an hour too!

Best Buy! *Update*

Hey guys, my interview on Tuesday went very well, the guy who interviewed me was wicked cool, fresh out of college, easy going guy, I think he liked me, ha. I have another interview this Wednesday, which hopefully means I got the job :P.

Best Buy!

I have an interview with the new Best Buy that is opening in my town soon, I'm going on Tuesday, I hope I get the job :).

Enjoy your Champagne in First Class.

A couple days ago I decided to pop COD4 back into my 360 and attempt the Epilogue mission on Veteran, 2 days later and say, 4 hours later, I have 20 more gamerpoints :P. Mile High Club was quite fun, I didn't get overly frustrated and I was determined to get the achievement, ha. Who else has it? How long did it take?

This is stupid.

I feel so bad for my parents. They have so much stress in their lives right now with money and work and all that kind of stuff, like most parents do. But today my Mother brought my younger sister, who is ten, to the doctors because she had been going to the bathroom a lot more than usual, so the doctor did some tests and found out that she has diabetes. My ten year old sister doesn't need the stress of diabetes at such a young age. My parents probably won't be able to sleep for the next week, and why must bad things happen to good people? I just feel bad.