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Goodbye PC, I'm a Console Gamer Now

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As the holiday season begins to grinds it's gears I've decided to do it. I'm going to buy a console (shivers). Low Christmas prices coupled with black Friday make deals to good to pass up. It's hard though. I've been a die hard PC enthusiast for the longest time, but none of my friends play the PC any more. With no one left to play the new call of duty with I knew my time had come too. They've all switch to a home console, be it PS3 or 360 because of the constant need to upgrade their computers to play new games and the declining amount of cash they can spend. I'm sick of upgrading the computer also. I spent easily over $600 solely on computer hardware. And even then Crysis wasn't worth it, Everyday it's seems like that brand new video card is now obsolete and wait look there's a better processor. I've listened to the arguments against switching and yes the PCs have better graphics and controls (when you pay for it). But what they don't have is the games and people, like the home consoles do. And I recently bought a mac so.... I'm going to get a console (shivers). I knew relatively nothing at the time about them so I did my research. PS3 1. Free Online (translation: 1 extra game a year) 2. Wifi - I'm to lazy to wire the house so this is a godsend 3. It looks sexy 4. You can change the hard drive 5. Blu-ray: Okay yeah I don't actually every watch blu-ray but what the hell.... why not 6. Killzone 2, MGS4, Heavenly Sword, Resistance anyone? I'm excluding the Wii because of lack of a good online system and shooters. 360 1. Great Online service apparently - (Enough to warrant 50 dollars) 2. Most people play the 360 I hear 3. It has tons of games. 4. no built-in wifi (WHAT! it costs $100! for it!) 5. i remember hearing about the RROD so... 6. L4D2, Mass Effect 2, GOW2, Halo 3 anyone? Did I miss anything? So as I take a gander at the pro and cons of each console it's tough. Ps3 or 360? It's close the PS3 wins in every category except quantity of games. Another negative for the PS3 is few people I know own the console. The PS3 has games but not quite as many as the 360. Also my friends all play the 360. And let's not forget Mass Effect 2 shall we. I'd have gone to store by now and bought your console Microsoft if I didn't have to throw the idea around about paying an extra $100 for WiFi. With the Ps3 and the 360 both at about 300, I feels like their both good (and I ain't buying both). I can't make up my mind so I decided.... I'll buy whatever console I see first in the store. Oh I hate uncertainty. But after that... I will become a console gamer. Afterwards I plan to play MW2 online with my other.... Console buddies.... I feels so weird to say that. (shivers) decisions