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my fav Male and Female characters in video games

1-Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

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he's the best enemy you will ever meet and you can't hate me!!!!!!! even he's full of evil not just cos he's cute cos he never give up to reach his goals ...i love him so much.

2- Solid Snake (Metal Gear series)

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i don't know how to describe him ..he's the best hero ever and he save the world many thank you Snake *kiss his lips* :D

3- Claire Redfield (Resident Evil series)

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i love this female ever best one of series of resident evil was code veronica :D

4- Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

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she have the best love story with Tidus..i cried many times because of them ..i love you Yuna and Tidus

the game the year of 2009

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it's deserve this award from gamespot..i never saw a game like that in my life even im only 16 ..hehe :D

i saw alot of bad coments about this game and should uncharted 2 deserve it!!!

uncharted2 didn't bring something new i agree it's a good game but there is no new idea

when Demon's souls everything is new starting from the fighting till the online play with others.

most of ppl gonna say why didn't take 10/10 only for one reason cos it's a hard and i don't know why gamespot thinks that as bad thing?!!!! i will gave 10/10 for sure.

i can't wait to see another Demon's souls

hey im new :)

i always wants to be member here in gamespot..i still don't know how make my level go up but i will figure it out i always do :D ..add me to your friends please..thanx all