Dan Mihoerck Ornament

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This blog is a part of the scavenger hunt.

Share a couple of items on your Christmas wishlist this year.
I don't really have a Christmas list this year, since I bought a 60" LCD for my apartment. :)

What games will you play during the holidays?
Finally going to have time to dive into Red Dead Redemption, Bayonetta, CoD Black Ops and Dead Rising 2. Rarely have time to play games.

What are the kinds of food or drinks you must have during the holidays?

Beer. Whiskey. Water. :)


Left 4 Dead Midnight Riders Video Contest!

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So, a group of friends entered the Midnight Riders Video Contest for Valve / Left 4 Dead 2. This is the result of their efforts. Super EPIC.

Please vote it up on Youtube, and leave comments if you liked it. Click through to YouTube and watch it in HD!