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I don't know......

So for a while now, i had a Writer's cramp (basically means your out of ideas)

So, I don't know what to write about.

Any suggestions

Maybe a before and after comparsion

Before (Portal 1 )


After (Portal 2)

Portal 2

Comment if you want more

Till next time


Good news

You just got tagged :p







Basically make a top ten list of stuff that you think is awesome and give a reason why you think that

Could be anything from movies to games or a activity

Till next time

Netsol 2

I am disappointed and i shall be leaving......

Well that got your attention,

I am disappointed at myself that i couldn't get my self to post the 200 best games of all time, Your wondering why didn't i post it, I didn't because the term All-Time is a big too huge to give out since its not like games are finished so "i shall be leaving" that list and change it into something else.

I am going to post my purchases of 2010 which is my biggest list i have yet since i purchased too many games to name in this blog

And perhaps something more :P

P.s I ranked up.

P.s.s Enjoy the picture.

Looks like he knows Captain Jack Sparrow


Till next time

Happy New Year gamespot

Its been one hell of a year,

Happy New year Gamespoters

Heres to more awesome games and whatever u wished for (as long its not bad) comes true.

Cheers :P


Thanks for reading


Till next time Netsol