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I finished Halo3's campaign mode... Obviously that's an awesome game. I'm now slowly progressing through Assassin's Creed II, Halo 2, Army of Two (1), and Bad Company Battleified (1).

All of these games have fantastic graphics, though Army Of Two isn't that great.

Assassin's Creed 1 - Completed!

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I finished Assassin's Creed approx. 2 weeks ago. And I absolutely loved that game. It's a must have for any xbox360 owner. I can't wait to get/play Assassin's Creed 2. I'm now working on an older title, C.O.D. 2 as well as casually playing Lego Indiana Jones co-op with my oldest son.

Other games I'm slowly progressing through are Halo, Halo2, Halo3, PGR4, GTA IV, & Madden '08.

So I'm curious, what is everyone else playing right now?

MIrror's Edge gets an 8.5/10

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Mirror's Edge is a really uniqe game when it comes to graphics and gameplay. I highly recommend this game for anyone who's up for a change of pace. It's somewhat of an advernture game, with a little bit of first person shooter, but has a lot of action.

I played the whole game in story mode from start to finish, it's a great game, and truely a must have for any XBOX360 & PS3 gamer.

Sound/Music is 10/10 the music is REALLY impressive

Difficulty is right on

the Uniqueness is 9/10

Graphics are 8.5/10

Legnth = it could use about two extra "Chapters" so I give it a 7/10 for legnth , so Overall I give it a 8.5/10

Mirror's Edge

Call of Duty 3

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I completed Call of Duty 3's campaign earlier this week. Loved it! Even though its a few years old it is still a great game.

I'm also nearing completion of Halo (1) Combat Evolved. Gotta beat 1 and 2 before I move onto Halo 3 :)

Prince Of Persia completed - now switching to Call of Duty 3

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I completed Prince of Persia nearly two weeks ago early in the morning on February 1st. Great game buy the way. This game is an 8.5 /10. I definately suggest playing it. It ends with a to be continued... so another one must soon be following.

Now, when I get the time usually late at night, I'm slowly picking away at Call of Duty 3. Which eventhough it's older, its another great game. I love Call of Duty 4, so I thought it would be a good idea to try COD3.

I'm also currently playing Halo1, and PGR3. After I complete one of those, Mirror's Edge will be next on my list.

Don't Panic: Free Radical Design isn't dead just yet

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Don't Panic: Free Radical Design isn't dead just yet

There is still hope for TimeSplitters fans...

A few days ago, it was reported that Free Radical Design had locked its doors, closed up shop, and perhaps succumbed to bankruptcy. Well, the story's only half true, thankfully -- yes, Free Radical closed up shop last Friday, but only because they've gone into what's known as "administration," according to a Nottingham newspaper. Administration is a process that British companies go through when they become insolvent: they bring in a third party that acts on behalf of creditors, trying to find a way to jump start business. In meantime, a skeleton crew of about 20 employees is holding down the fort, according to a source for 1Up. The rest of the staff of about 120 are at home, with pay, for something of an early, albeit troubling, holiday.

Click here to learn more

Time Splitters 4

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Hey Free Radical, can ya give us some more information on Time Splitters 4? Please? Im eagerly awaiting it's realease.

Is it coming out for the XBox 360?  When is it due to hit stores?  Can we get some screenshots?  Or some actual solid news?  All we really know at this point  is NOTHING.  Haze was exclusively for the PS3.  Hopefully they don't do that for TS4.

Rumors state that they're not using the HAZE engine, which may be good news for 360 owners.

Time Splitters 3 is such a fun 4-player game, if they don't release TS4 on the 360, it will be a huge mistake and disappointment.


Anyone with real news about Time Splitters 4 please post a reply.

XBox 360

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My Buddy SlackerCSB23 hooked me up with a Cheap XBox 360! Oh Yeah. Thanks Buddy, I can't wait to play it

TimeSplitters Monkey

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I updated my banner to include the TimeSplitters monkey! C'mon, who doesn't love that crazy monkey? If you havn't played Timesplitters 2 or 3 in four player mode, you have no idea what you are missing.