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Yay, finally!

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I'm now a sexy HD gamer with a sexy HDTV. A nice little 32 inch from Samsung and it blows me away.


Of course I expected an improvement to SD but not such a huge one. I can't stop playing. Everything looks so good. And I can finally read the text on the screen!


Of course I still have other TVs so that I can watch something else while gaming. I'm a multitasking expert.


Now that I own all three consoles and a nice TV I can concentrate on getting all the great games I'm still missing. I should probably also get a decent table or something but eh... I don't really care.


My room is a big mess anyway. So why even bother? As long as I can play in peace, yay!

Ah, what have I become...

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I've always been a PC only gamer and I used to hate all consoles with a passion. A PC is just superior in any way. Better graphics, better controls, in games you can usually save whenever you want, better online, bigger communities including mods etc.

I somehow got tired of gaming though. I still was excited for games and couldn't wait to play them, but when I finally got my hands on them, I was instantly bored. They all just felt the same and with rare exceptions (The Witcher) I stopped playing them all after an hour or two.

Then last year while looking around on ebay, I decided to buy a used Gamecube without any specific reason. It was there, it was cheap, I had nothing to do, so I bought it. Well, what a surprise it was that I actually had fun with it. Lots of fun. Console gaming was new to me and it felt fresh and exciting. I went back to ebay and also got a Playstation 2 and an X-Box.

More consoles, more fun and I started to think about purchasing a current gen system. Wii, 360 or PS3? Which one to get first? Out of these 3 I thought the Wii would be the one I absolutely DON'T want. It seemed to be some inferior crap to me, just like consoles always seemed to be inferior crap to PCs. When I actually tried it though I was surprised yet again: I loved it. And with Mario Kart coming up I bought the Wii and feel no regret. It's a great gaming experience that I don't want to miss and there are a lot of games I'm looking forward to. I just don't understand all those forum threads about how there's nothing good coming up for the Wii. Do some research, people.

I still wanted more though. So what's next for me? The 360 or the PS3? A tough decision to make. The RRoD and paying to play online surely isn't something that makes you want a 360, but after a lot of research about games I would like, the answer was obvious. The 360 it will be. I will definetly get a Playstation 3 next year, but right now I don't feel like I would miss anything. It will probably be cheaper by then and I still hope that they will bring back the backward compatibility somehow. Yeah, I do have a PS2 so I probably shouldn't care, but it's annoying anyway. In 20 years I don't want to be sitting around with a PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 all in a big pile on my table constantly switching between them, just because Sony doesn't want me to play older games on new consoles.

The RRoD still isn't gone for good but the newer 360s are way more reliable than the older ones. That's good enough for me. The price cuts come in pretty handy, too. In two weeks I will get the 360 Pro 60 GB and I can hardly wait. I already startet to pick up some games, whenever I have the possibility to get them really cheap. So right now I own Dead Rising, Gears of War, Crackdown, Conan, Kameo, The Darkness, Perfect Dark Zero and Forza Motorsport 2. All in all I paid around 120 Euro for them and I'm pretty hyped to play them all. Yay!