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GameSTOP iks its customers.... again

It is no secret that if you return your old games at any local GameSTOP store you will get next to dirt on it and if you get store credit instead you get a little more dirt! Then they go ahead and sell the games at much higher prices and make a ridiculous profit. Making a profit is the basis of a good business but these guys have made it so that your old games feel nearly worthless (price-wise). Another thing that can get a little annoying is that some employees assault you with information about a membership card and a magazine membership rather than helping you find your game. I hardly buy games anymore and when I do, I just want to buy it and leave.

Just a couple of weeks ago I called GameSTOP and asked them of they had Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness for the PSP, which is a pain to find. They said yes so I went out of town to go get it. After their info assault I finally had my game! BUT, I never bothered to even check the box seeing as PSP games are tough to scratch. Once I got home, I found out that they had sold me Disgaea: INFINITE a less version of all the games. I was furious >:( the dumb employee probably never even bothered to check what was inside the box. In the end this was my own fault for not checking. If there is a lesson to be learned, ALWAYS make sure you are buying what you want and make sure you can get the best quality discs. As for me I will never buy with GameSTOP again, and if by some mirav=cle I do I will be extra careful.

In other news, GameSTOP is up to its antics again. In the recently released PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, GameSTOP employees were ordered to open up the new, sealed games and take out a coupon the would allow players to download another copy of the game for free on OnLive's network. GameSTOP said that they do not support competition but their antics seem rather petty and further tears at their reputation. It was confirmed that that the employees did do this and for all I know they kept the coupons for themselves. So I ask this, does this mean that the games is truly new? I mean you can say that it is, but once the seal is broken it does not have the same new, freash game feeling. I am sure some folks will make some noise over this

Ah well, it is what it is. I hope i did not insult anyone by writing this. I am sure that there are great GameSTOP stores out there but my experiences have been less than pleasant.

Til next time, happy trails.

A Popurri of Topics

It has been a while since I last posted anything. I believe I talked about Dissidia 012 last time, which was a total blast by the way! I plan to rack up dozens of more hours onto there for the next coming months.

My lack of motivation to write about anything is due to the fact that my PS3 is fried. It has been dead for over 6 months or something, I lost count :/ No more logging extensive hours onto Modern Warfare 2, no more having epic matches of FIFA, no new games to be played. At first it was quite painful and there was not much to do. But as time passed on I felt that I broke out of some spell that kept me glued to the PS3 and MW2 0.0 The games will be there though, so ill just wait it out until there is a good deal on a PS3 bundle. The list of games i have made up is quite extensive, any suggestions?

Thankfully my PS2 runs like clockwork. I somehow managed to find Zone of the Enders 2: 2nd Runner. The game was wayyy ahead of its time, one could definitely feel that Hideo Kojima's magic touch was present. The game goes at breakneck speed and though it is a bit unrefined, if you mange to find this game do not hesitate to buy it. It is definitely worth purchasing.

Til next time, happy trails :)

Dissidia 3?!?!

Before the first Dissidia was even released, many FF fans were really angry that Tifa or Gilgamesh were not included in the game's roster. Well those dreams have been answered and you can nw use those characters Dissidia 2 along with Cain Highwind, Lightning, Prishe and Yuna!! So the question now is, who should be in dissidia 3? Here's afew characters that i think deserve the cut

10)Rydia, FF 4. Yuna is the summoner fighter of Dissidia, and as such Rydia serves as a very likely candidate if another Dissidia were to be made. It would be interesting to see her young and older cotumes in the game

9)Vincent, FF 7. Vincent has already had his own spinoff in Dige of Cerberus and the creators of Dissidia could work off of that and create a fun new foghter. Laguna is the first gunner version fighter, thus Vincet would fit in quite perfectly. He has the looks moves and swagger to make a splash if he would be added to the roster.

8)Yuffie, FF7. Where are the ninjas in the game? There really are none, plus she is a fan favorite (not really mine) and her fighting methods and moves would fit in just fine. She made a cameo on Kingdom Hearts 2, so maybe the producers can go off of that an make the first ninja fighter of the game!

Yuffie Portrait.jpg

7)Zell, FF 8. Tifa is the first hand to hand fighter to appear in the series i belive, therefore another brawler is in order. As far as his moves are concerned i have no idea how they could be integrated but it would certainly be interesting to watch Tifa and Zell duke it in fight mano a mano!


6)Vivi, FF 9. Enough said. Do i even how to describe just how cool and how well Vivi would fit into the series. The fans and demand are there, the moves are there, we'll just have to wait and see if the producers will add him to the roster. He is a true character of the fans, hopefully this will save a slot in the new roster ^^

5) Freya, FF 9. As long as i been involved in games, no one has really mentioned Freya. To me she is an essential character in my FF 9 party. Cain is the first character to use the Jump attack, a female character that can use this ability seems like a good candidate to add. She has the looks and she has the moves, but so far almost the whole roster of Good guys are not animal like. Perhaps she'll be the first?

Freya's CG render

4)Auron, FF 10. Like Vivi, enough said. This would be adding another awesome sword fighter into a star studded roster. His limit breaks can serve as his attacks, and the attacks he used in KH 2 could be incoporated as well. All i can say is that he would fit in perfectly.

3)Zack, FF7. This would be purely for the fan service, which is the whole reason Dissidia was made. I would use him but im not holding my breath.

2)Snow, FF 13. He was a typical goodie goodie guy through the whole of the game, but one could not help but like him. His character type is rare indeed in a new generation of war torn and emotionally torn male protaganists. Its nice to see a good old fashioned good guy, and one that one be really fun to use as a fighter.


1)Sora, KH. Love it or hate it, Sora would fit into the roster and story about light and darkness all too well. Thanks to the ligtning concpet of switvhing paradigns in the middle of the game, this same concept could be used in order to use Sora's forms. Valor and Wisdom could get it going eventually building up to Master and Final. Though it will probably never happen, Sora would fit into the concept of dissidia all too well.

These are just some of the fighters i would love to see in future Dissidias, if they keep going of course. The roster can only keep growing and these are but a few candidates. What do you guys think? What other haracters could be added?

Making a Comeback

Lets see i havent blogged in over year, so ill try to get back in the groove with some small interesting blogs then build my way back up.

Well for starters on my last blog i mentioned how my PS3 got busted, i got a new one and now that one is busted too :/. The PSN works and everything and can still watch movies but if you try to make it read PS3 games it goes haywire. Oh, and to add insult to injury it began to fizzle out when i was right in the middle of God of War 3 >:(. Ah well, ill just wait for the PS3 price to drop again, hopefully when MW3 comes out :D.

At least i have my PSP to go back on, which doesnt have many games.... Ah, theres Dissidia Duodecim 012 which comes out next week, perfect timeing

I need help for 60GB(OLD) PS3...

Its funny cause my friend told me he played Uncharted 2, and it messed up his PS3 after he beat it at the ending credits, but either way i had to play the game myself... The game froze on me once or twice while i was playing, i finally beat it and i didnt come across the problem my friend did...

I go back to playing MW2, and once im done playing with certain matches, the PS3 would freeze on the score board, and had to switch it off the back many times... That message pops up on the PS3 saying it turned off unproperly and this and that etc etc. After switching on my system, it wouldnt read MW2 and Error Message ( with lots of numbers ) appeared.

Yesterday and the day before that, the PS3 has had difficulty readin discs like Assassins Creed, AC II. Yesterday me and bro opened up the system, and carefully cleaned the BlueRay lense figuring it was dust. Today I played ACII and it was working, but MW2 still seems to have the same problem...

Im wondering if it is because me and bro turned off the system the wrong way so many times that its damaged the system, or because its one of the first models and the games are too much for our ol' PS3. Should I give the PS3 a break or is it MW2 thats the problem?

I dont wanna break the PS3 cause i wanna play Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III, can anyone help us out in this one?

Modern Warfare 2 or Assassin's Creed 2...? Help me decide !!!

Yeah... So i'm having this dilemma whether to get AC2 or MW2, me and Bro just cant decide which one to go with :!:

MW2 is probably the best shooter out there as of now, great campaign mode, graphics, astounding online play that sucks you in hardcore, only online game u ever gonna need... Its Call of Duty !!!

AC2 on the other hand is hardcore adventure, tuned up from AC1, plus i want sumethin different and fresh, not the same BS and killin ppl with guns and getting streaks... I want some bad@$$ adventure with assassinations, swordplay, and roaming a city almost like Spiderman, and with sum style xD

What u ppl think? =O

Paranormal Activity

So yeah its been a while since I've made a recent post...:P

But damn... So I saw Paranormal Activity with my friends, and that s@#$t scars you for life :? Creepiest s@#t ever !!! I never watch scary movies but I just had to see the scariest movie in decades xD

Supposedly this is a true story, and seeeing this wack s@#$t for reals, its frightening and you get ALLL paranoid

Its a completely different thing to play games like Dead Space or Silent Hill, I mean Dead Space is freaky at a badass and exciting standard. This movie wasnt fun, it tests your courage if you can stand watching the whole thing

The only thing I learned from this is not to f@#$ck with these wigi boards

If you watch this movie, try to cheer yourself up immediately, and I hope you get to sleep that night, cause I sure as hell didnt !!! :D

Finally got DiSSiDiA... :)

Its been since December 11th since I longed for Dissidia

I've waited over half a year for this title, and now its in my hands !!!

SOOO muxh cooler han the demo !!!!


Im gonna be real busy :)

Getting back that Persona 3 spirit

Summer of 2008 ended on an interesting note... I enjoyed the the Olympics, preparing for high school, spending those last days with my homiez, and playing Persona 3 !!! xD

Who knows why, but on my last week of vacation Persona 3's music just wandered into my head, and for nostalgic reasons i picked up my dusty PS2 controller, turned my ancient PS2 (had it since 2002 and still running ), and tuned in for Persona 3's promising adventure xD

I can't stop playing it or think about it at school, even when I'm working in class, i tune into Persona3's fresh and upbeat music :) Now there is something i can come home to after swimming practice !! xD

How typical of GameSpot...

Woooow seriosulsy???

As people who have read my previous blog posts, it is pretty obvious that my most anticipated game is Dissidia

I'm writing this post as of August 21, the game hasnt even come out yet and GameSpot gives yet another biased rating of 8.5 to Dissidia Final Fantasy...

WOOOOOOW SERIOUSLY??? I played the demo and I easily give it a 10 !!! And thats just the demo !!!

I dont understand how these people underate the GREAT games and they overate the S%&#TY games... Shame on you Gamespot

You might ask yourself why I'm whinning for something as meaningless as an unfair official's review... but Gamespot ALWAYS needs to find something bad from a game and take away from it, they can never just focus on the beauty of things. Gamespot fails of seeing the great assets of this game and and the great potential this single title creates for itself.

Its the Final Fantasy All-Stars !!! Countless hours of training your favorite characters, epic and explosive battles between the characters of your choice!! This is a huge step to the right direction !! SquareEnix's ideas simply CAN'T end here... its probably already considered to add more cast of every FF title, the expansion to the BIG systems, with better and fluent graphics, which Dissidia's own graphics are incredible in itself!! isnt this whole idea exciting though??? I played the demo and i was simply blown away, totally taken by surprise !!! :D

Gamespot fails to see the big picture... unless they wrote everything I pointed out on their reviews, but i dont have time to read their "at times" ridiculous review !!! =D

And yet again, typical of Gamespot... GO DISSIDIA !!! xD