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Been a while hasn't it

Well i haven't made a blog or posted much at all for a while. for those of you wondering i'm not dead. just been busy. hopefully i will be able to post a little more on here now.

ask whatever you like.

I've been bored lately. So I have decided to make this blog.

So ask what ever you like. I'll answer them to the best of my abilities.

has anyone ever had someone tell you that you have changed there life?

This just happened to me today. I'll start from the beginning and tell you guys what happened.

OK Well I went to a lock in last night (at my church. I'm a Christian for those of you who don't know)and during that night I talked to a friend of mine named Josh several times that night.After the lock in when people were sitting and waiting to get picked up. I walked over and started to talk to him about a few things school,my extremely disturbing first grad experience(I'm in 12th grade just so you know),and a few other more important subjects.

Well the subject of girls got brought up.we both talked about past failures with trying to get girlfriends. He told me a bout a girl he is very good friends with and he really likes and cares for her a lot. He asked me for a bit of advice and I gave him some. We didn't get to talk about that much before he had to leave.

Later on that day he sent a text and we continued that conversation. By this time he was planing to try and talk to her about how he felt about her. he asked me for a little bit more advice. Like when the best time to ask her would be and a few other things.I had to leave for work during that.

After I got back from work he called me and we talked a bit more about the subject. We were able to finish the conversation.Well after we did he told me he was going to start living for God like he should. well needless to say i was happy for him. We then moved on to a really pointless text conversation full of bad jokes and other silly things.

After we had finished that and said by. He sent me one last text telling me I had changed his life. I was like O_O. I was left speechless. So I called him and we talked about it he said I have really helped him. because my advice was the only advice that has ever worked for him. He said I really changed his life and that he was grateful.

So I am like ^_^. Because this is the first time someone has ever told me I had changed there lives. I have helped people before and they have said thanks. but this is a first for me.