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Aliens Back in the Mail

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Discovered a great surprise in my mailbox this afternoon. Long ago, I'd written to a handful of actors & actresses in the hopes of getting an autographed photo. The first one arrived today and I'm now the proud owner of a signed pic from Jenette Goldstein.

Aliens in the Mail

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Aliens Poster Just to fill in my time and find something more interesting in the mail than another grocery store flyer or another credit card application, I've begun writing to celebrities to request autographed photos.

First on the table are the two actresses Carrie Henn and Jennette Goldstein (respectively "Knute" and "Pvt. Vasquez") from the movie Aliens. I picked these two actresses to start my letter-writing campaign as (1) their performances are the most impressive and this is one of my favorite movies and (2) neither of them are currently active performers. The letters and photos were sent on the 5th, so we will see how long it takes from them to come back (if they do at all).

The Morning After PAX

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PAX 2011 Swag

I unloaded my bag after spending Sunday walking the convention floor and collecting swag from the vendors. Now, I've got to figure out what to do with it all. The pile of loot includes:

(203) Magic the Gathering Cards (including 3 foil Promotional "Bloodthrone Vampire" cards AND a complete "CounterPunch" Commander Deck)

(6) Buttons

(3) Inflatable Mass Effect 3 Omni-Blade Tools

(3) "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" t-shirts (2-Small and 1-Large)

(3) Dungeons & Dragons Lanyards

(2) "SSX EA Sports" Comics

(2) Lollipop Chainsaw Foam Finger Chainsaws

(2) Monday Night Fight Promotional Posters

(2) PAX 11 - Beheomoth Lanyards

(2) Latex Twisted Metal Halloween Masks

(2) XBOX 360 Lanyards

Western Digital keychain/flashlight/bottle opener

"Supremacy MMA" Magazine

"Sonic CD" lanyard

"League of Legends" Nerf Frisbee

HaloFest Badge

MAGIC gathering Jace "Yellow" Badge holder

Free Hug infection sticker

"Magic the Gathering" Liliana Mouse Pad

"Darkness II - Confession" #1 Comic T-Shirt

Dungeon & Dragons STAFF Bowling Shirt

HaloFest MEGA BLOKS Halo CE Covenant Elite figures

Riddler Batman Arkham City T-Shirt

Batman Impostors Cardboard Mask

Lord of the Rings "War in the North" Magnet

Need for Speed : The Run Earpods

Need for Speed : The Run Keychain (w/ 2GB Flash Drive)

RAGE t-shirt for XBOX 360 Avatar

Dungeon & Dragons Promo "Lyriel" Character Badge

Dungeon & Dragons Promo "Albanon" Character Badge

Payday : the Heist face Mask

Batman : Arkham City Wristband

Wildstar Online Beta Invite

Mini-Batman Tattoo

Blinking Zombie Glasses

For my time with helping out the Wizards of the Coast people run Dungeons & Dragons games, I got over $200 worth of loot, including.

D&D Neverwinter Nights Campaign Setting Handbook

D&D Players options : Heroes of Shadow Handbook

D&D The Shadowfell Game Box

The prize of the bunch, though has to be the one I got while crossing the street next to one of the co-creators of the show:

PAX 3-Day Pass Autographed by Penny Arcade writer Jerry Holkins

PAX Prime 2011 - The Waiting Game

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I was able to score tickets to this year's PAX by volunteering some time with the RPGA in their Dungeons & Dragons area. Unfortunately, I can't get to the show until later this afternoon, so I'm spending the day pacing and trying to focus on my activities when all I can think about are the sights / events / sounds of this convention!

My major hopes for the show are getting some peeks at Elder Scrolls : Skyrim & Forza Motorsport 4. As a sidebar, I hope to visit the Wizards of the Coast booth to check out Magic the Gathering items AND visit some of the smaller publishers to talk about doing art for them.

A good rental, but a keeper? No!

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Played through Heavy Rain once with a rental (earned the "Saved Four Heroes" trophy), and I don't think it has a lot of replay value. Yes, I'd like to see how other story paths could have changed the tale, but unless the game offered the possibility of changing the Origami Killer's identity -- it just doesn't seem worth it. Especially when all the multiple game endings will probably be on YouTube next week.

It was a fun ride, though. My crime show addicted wife was watching some of the gameplay with me and theorizing on the Killer's identity even when I wasn't playing.

The Value of Graded Comics

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I'm getting ready to sell-off most of my comic collection and have considered getting some of higher value comics graded with CGC before selling them. Yesterday, I just got the first one back (an Amazing Spider-Man 300). First of all, I was impressed to see that it came back with a higher grade than I anticipated, but I was bemused by how cool it was to see my book in a pristine case.

The thing is, I've pretty much been against "slabbed" comics because I feel comics are made to be read, not enshrined in a plastic case for viewing purposes. What has switched me around is:

(1) the fact that so many comic stories I love are available digitally (i.e., those Spider-Man and X-Men collections in PDF on DVD) or through reprints (like trade paperbacks) &

(2) the pure economics that selling an individual ungraded comic practically guarantees you'll be getting a fraction of the value of the book.

How do any of you feel about graded comics?

UFC 2009 Demo online at PSN - download it NOW!

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The demo is incredible. The game comes out in mid-May but THQ was kind enough to release a two-player demo for the upcoming UFC 2009 : Undisputed title on PlayStation Network (and XBox Live Marketplace if you're one of .. them...).

Did I mention the demo is incredible? I'm not a big professional fight fan, so this comes completely from a gamer aspect -- the thing plays sweetly! Smooth movements and it is NOT a button-masher. Tactical thinking and a creative balance between offense and defense is king in this game. I'm reminded of long ago when games like Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter came out. This seems like a game that will be simple to learn but an eternity to master.

Download NOW!!!

Going handheld?

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We're cleaning up our house, just to make more space for two people living with an active toddler. In a scavenging/cleaning run, I rediscovered my long-lost HP iPAQ 6165! A clean, portable device, it should be fun to see if I can get this old beast running and just use it as a portable way of keeping track of scheduling, contact info, etc. Hopefully, it will be a fun tinkerfest and not a time-wasting pain in thetuchus.

Gaming with a 2-year-old

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Right now, my little guy is only two-years-old and has mastered holding the Playstation3 controller upright without shoving it in his mouth. We've tried a couple of games to see what kind of response it gets out of him and so far WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania and Sonic Unleashed have kept him in a button-mashing utopia. I look forward to busting out my Midway/Atari Classics and going head-to-head with him once he's older, but I'm certain by the time he's that age my clunky game system will be far below his interest.

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