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@Jaysonguy: no 5

But seriously, I know drawing dickbutts is immature but I mean REALLY bored.

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There should be no problem if you have some space, they both get very, very hot while playing.

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I live in Estonia, no game has the Estonian language. So I play on English, so my question is the following, do Wii U games have multi language, since im buying from Amazon Germany is it German only?

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Probably the same I expect frome every Unreal Engine game, awesome engine that has a stable FPS and great graphics!

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GAAH, I forgot Chivalry, though not openworld is very fun!

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Go look up Mount & Blade. Open world and has awesome sword/bow/horseriding combat. Its the one game where you can throw rocks at people to kill them!

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Dont go to geek squad, they ask double the money. If you have a lot of patience and some skill you could buy a replacement.

And about Geek Squad, yeah dont go there just go to a local tech repair shop.

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Need a laptop for simpler gaming and as to be under 400£ or 500€. And it has to be on or

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Seriously, I have no idea what am I supposed to do. The tutorial explains fuck all.

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Nin10d0h has confirmed AC for the Wii U. So I am interested in hearing your ideas. My idea is, will they bring back the really cute Nintendo voice they had in AC GC and AC WW? And another is, In Animal Crossing e+ if you hit Tom Nooks store with a shovel after its closed it will open and you will see Tom Nook in his PJs and you can buy stuff. Anyone think this will come back in Animal Crossing Wii U?