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@Jaysonguy: no 5

But seriously, I know drawing dickbutts is immature but I mean REALLY bored.

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There should be no problem if you have some space, they both get very, very hot while playing.

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@lamprey263: Moron, Human Revolution was amazing. But I guess some people like CoD.

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I live in Estonia, no game has the Estonian language. So I play on English, so my question is the following, do Wii U games have multi language, since im buying from Amazon Germany is it German only?

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Probably the same I expect frome every Unreal Engine game, awesome engine that has a stable FPS and great graphics!

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GAAH, I forgot Chivalry, though not openworld is very fun!

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Go look up Mount & Blade. Open world and has awesome sword/bow/horseriding combat. Its the one game where you can throw rocks at people to kill them!

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Dont go to geek squad, they ask double the money. If you have a lot of patience and some skill you could buy a replacement.

And about Geek Squad, yeah dont go there just go to a local tech repair shop.

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Need a laptop for simpler gaming and as to be under 400£ or 500€. And it has to be on or

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Seriously, I have no idea what am I supposed to do. The tutorial explains fuck all.