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My *Hard Hitting, Award Winning* 2 Cent Tuesday: 6/27/06

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First off I'm trying to get my Blog off the ground so this a good way to do it, Every Tuesday I will say something about whats on my mine about the gaming industry (oh the stuff I say will be hard hitting) sometime it might be good or sometime it might be bad But its always my opinion so here goes.

Crysis on Next Gen Systems

I'm so sick of people crying over Crysis in the forums (saying its not going to be on PS3 or next-gen systems) Yeah I said it, Crysis is 98% from being on next gen systems PS3 and X360 (but neoand12 it can't be on PS3 only Xbox 360) Oh yeah it will and heres why like it or not its own by EA and we all know EA loves what? $$$ Money and the quickest way to make it is putting Crysis on PS3 and Xbox 360 I would buy it and A million would too (just to let you know EA) it already been said that the new engine can run on the PS3 here's what stopping the 2% keeping it on PC only and not waste development dollars on Next Gen Consoles and a Crysis spinoff on next gen Consoles we all know PC gamers always get the real thing and the consoles gamer always get the crappy spinoff or side story (Not calling Crysis Crappy) End of story so all you MS fanboys get ready to see crysis a Muti Consoles game.

UPDATE!!!: Boom there you go

Capcom what is your problem ?

Yeah you make good games (RE4, DMC) But come on those are 3D Games how bout this GO BACK TO 2D!, you sell better in 2D now I'm not saying always do 2D games but give 3D a rest awhile please, what was your best looking Megaman? oh thats right MegaMan 8! Not Megaman Legends nor Megaman Power up...Get it to right hear this your next Megaman game should be this: Megaman in 2D on blu-ray with sweet Anime GFX and Killer music just like megaman 8 and don't get me started Street figher EX series even SVC Chaos was better than than (and this is SVC Chaos) Street fighter III what the best looking 2D game you ever made hell I would have been happy if you just slap the Megaman from Marvel vs. Capcom on a disc and just add some bad ass robots is it that damn hard to get a Megaman on a Console in 2D and NOT a handheld.

And Thats My 2 Cent Tuesday.

Neoand12's Top 5 games and My Best games of all time.

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1) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS)
2) Project Justice (DC)
3) Megaman 8 (PS)
4) Final Fight 3 (SNES)
5) Capcom Vs. SNK (DC)

I can only wish 2D was more on systems today.

Top runners:

TMNT 2 (arcade)
Street fighter III (DC)
Marval Super Heroes (arcade)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (arcade)
Contra III (Snes)
Dungeons and Dragons Shadow over Mystara(Arcade)
Doom (PC)
Last Blade 2 (DC)
Baseball Stars 2 (neo-geo)
Metal Slug 3 (neo-geo)
Samurai Showdown II (neo-geo)
Sengoku 3 (neo-geo)
Sunset Riders (snes)
X-Men: MA (Snes)
Gunstar heroes (gen)
Batman and robin (gen) which in fact was the best GFX on gen
Garou-Mark of the Wolves (neo-geo)
King of Fighters Kyo RPG (PS)
Last Resort (neo-geo)
Zelda OT (n64)
007 (n64)
Perfect Dark (n64)
Duke nukem 64 (n64)
Street of Rage 2 (gen)
Clockwork knight 2 (sat)

Real Bike

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I would kill to have one of these: