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Game of Thrones




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India and China

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Happy Independence Day

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I bought it for 10$ from flipkart ,I have also been dissapointed, The story maybe compelling to some but its too complicated and the gameplay is average to say the least.

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Greetings gamespot hardware experts.

I very recently bought a GTX 560 TI as an upgrade from my old setup, it's running everything great and I really enjoy it.

There's one small issue, it seems that after a while of playing some textures go invisible.

It usually only happens after a 15-45 minutes of gameplay, the card isn't overheating or anything and usually restarting the game fixes the problem for a short while.

So far it happened in both Skyrim and Just Cause 2 (haven't tried other games).

My drivers are up to date BUT I'm running Windows 8 Beta.

Does that sound like a driver or a hardware issue?

Should I get a refund?

I have the same exact card asus gtx 560ti and Its working perfectly fine in Windows 7 all drivers and everything updated. I have a 700 Watt cooler master psu.