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i will be in Atlanta for "MEGAFEST" this wednesday- Sunday, so i doubt i will have access to a computer. just letting yu guys know that i havent vanished for another month, if anyone is posting over that period of time be very watchful, and DONT GET ME BANNED !!!!!! i will be back soon, and might let my brother check up on things here, see yu next week

a little problem

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ooooooook today someone hacked into my account changed my password and began pretending to be me, and alot of people took his side which shows that i have alot of good friends, BUT THEY JUMP TOO TO MANY CONCLUSIONS
anyways the person didnt change the email address so i just clicked on the forgot password button, and ended the entire thing
i guess it logs everyone out or something cause i havent noticed anything wierd in my posting history but if yu guy see anything fishy please tell me immediatly, and dont do anything causeing me to get banned

new sig

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ill put the old one here

new sig and avatar

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well the old one was to dark so i went with something a little but lighter
(this is the old one)

and this is the new

im back

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i was out for a while my computer was shut off and stuff and alot of stuff has changed and i .....................................see yaa

ya boy

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well yo boy is back to his old self and i must say i dont know why i think its the music im playin on itunes but hey i feel good

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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you guys are making me stupid i took the ACT in january not a big deal you say i was a seventh grader now this ;alsdhf;ads gkh;/ghago (sorry) mindless babble is driving me ;dfsha dhas;gh;j (sorry) crazy
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